How to Stay an Anonymous Lottery Winner in the US


Posted: February 12, 2022

Updated: February 12, 2022

  • 11 states do not require the winner to come forward
  • Obviously you have to keep it a secret and start over in a new place

Let us say your dreams come true and you become lucky to spend the 2022 year with a big pile of cash. What then and how will you be able to cope with the windfall? A solid plan on safeguarding your new lucrative life has to be in place. Not to mention being an anonymous lottery winner enjoying privacy and peace. Here are our thoughts on what such a plan has to include.

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If you bought Powerball or Mega Millions tickets before, then winning a prize of $5 million or even $50 million was definitely a dream. But for it to really happen means a big responsibility on your shoulders to adapt and start acting like a millionaire. For a starter employing a financial and legal team can help you make some wise decisions. However, no. 1 priority would be to remain an anonymous lottery winner, which will save you a lot of trouble.

If you think it is not a big deal, maybe you need to have a look at this Forbes article on how winning the lottery can become a curse. It goes in line with what many players and analysts agree, according to online lotto news sites in the United States. So, keep reading to take some important steps into consideration as early as possible and be completely prepared when your numbers match the draw.

Some States Agree to Keep You Anonymous

Unfortunately, to remain an anonymous lottery winner is the exception rather than the rule today in the United States. In other words, most states require the winner to come forward. However, there are some states that agree to minimize the winners’ exposure to the public. In fact there are 11 including Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, and Texas, according to NY Times.

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You do not have to live anywhere near these states, but you can buy your lottery tickets from there and the rules will apply to you. To stress this point, it is not about where you reside, rather from where you buy your lottery tickets. It will save you the trouble of having to go to the press conference with a big oversized check and show your face. So, before you buy the ticket for example from theLotter, maybe it is better to read about state’s regulations.

Keep It a Secret

This is something you probably already thought about. However, it is actually harder to be done than said. You have to be careful about when and how to tell your family and close friends, and convince them to keep the secret.  You also have to make sure not to change your lifestyle drastically. What is more, it is good not to post about it on social media. Maybe you should even think about deleting all of your social media accounts. As it is well known, if something is not online it does not exist.

Start Over in a New Place

It is apparently the best timing for you to start a new life somewhere warm and sunny, with a beach just on the corner. It will take distance and start over.

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Usually, it will not get you very far, but you can get far enough to get some degree of obscurity. Not to mention, you will be able to decide which people you want to stay in touch with. You may also hire security guards for you and your family for a while.

Slow Down With Big Purchases

It will be highly tempting to start your own stuff you always dreamed about such as a new car or a new house. But those purchases will immediately draw attention to the fact that you have more money than usual. So, you may think about hiring a money management team that can help you take it slowly with your new glamorous life.

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