Anti-Internet Gambling Ad Cites Connection to Terrorism

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According to republican billionaire and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, if internet gambling is not stopped, then the terrorists win. A new ad campaign from the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling is made public.

The proposed changes to US gambling laws have been hitting the headlines in the recent days, especially since Sheldon Adelson and company have been kicking up a fuss to get Congress to ban internet gambling.

The ad, which cost six-figures, cites the direct link between criminal activity and terrorist groups with online gambling.

The casino industry right now is divided on the move towards online gambling. Sheldon Adelson and some old school casino moguls are trying to outlaw the virtual competition, while others are calling for decent regulation.

Adelson’s ad against online gambling goes live

Adelson’s ad seeks to change Congress’ opinion about legalizing online casinos in the US. Although, his ad calls out against funding criminal organizations, terrorists and money laundering, it’s easy to see that part of his determination lies in self-interest.

Analysts believe that online casinos could produce an overall revenue that exceeds the land-based casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City combined.

For this reason, the casino industry is divided on the online move, where some, like Caesars Entertainment, are embracing the transition onto the net, more old school casinos like Adelson are trying to kill the competition before it hatches.

A counter group, the Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection has also launched a campaign both online and in print to oppose Adelson’s ad.

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