Antigua Online Casino Licensing Laws to Change for the Worse?


Posted: December 13, 2016

Updated: October 6, 2017

The Antiguan government has proposed gambling law changes, including modifications to online casino licensing and taxation.

Land-based gambling venues are in the focus of the proposed Antiguan ‘Gambling Act of 2016’ but since the Interactive Gaming and Wagering Regulations of 2007 will be attached to it, the landscape for online casinos will also change. The government’s goal is to create a more transparent regulatory landscape for both land-based and online gambling in Antigua. According to Antiguan gambling news, the Act would call for the set-up of the Gambling Authority Division, to oversee and license gambling in the country.

Antigua online casino licensing and taxation

The Act will introduce a new gambling taxation system, as well, in order to encourage licensed operators to employ Antiguan workforce. Companies with less than four local employees will be required the pay 5% tax on their gross gaming revenue. However, operators with 5 to 30 Antiguan employees will pay 4,5%, the ones with 30-100 local staff will pay 3,5% and those with more than 100 local employees will pay 2,5%. Furthermore, the annual tax would be set at $750,000.

The Government’s aim is to attract more operators for increased revenues and to create new jobs. Gambling experts say, that the proposed modifications will have the opposite effect as other jurisdictions have more attractive conditions for online gambling companies. For example, the tax cap in Malta is $495,000, $255,000 less than what’s to come in Antigua.

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