Will Conor McGregor fight in Croke Park in 2017?

Croke Park MMA

It’s been more than two years since the Notorious last fought in Ireland, but after a wildly impressive series of wins this year, many Irish MMA fans are asking, will Conor McGregor fight in Croke Park in 2017? Let’s take a look at the betting odds set by PaddyPower.

Conor McGregor is without a doubt the biggest star the sport of MMA has ever seen. Since his UFC debut in April of 2013, he has become a mainstream sports star, appearing on late night shows, commercials, and some of the biggest sports broadcasting networks in the world.

For the past few years he’s been the sport’s most recognizable figure, but this past November he elevated himself to an entirely new level. It took just 8 minutes and 4 seconds for the Irishman to capture the lightweight title from Eddie Alvarez, becoming the first person in UFC history to hold two championship belts simultaneously. Now, some online sportsbooks in Ireland are allowing members to bet whether a Conor McGregor fight in Croke Park will take place in 2017.

Odds that McGregor fights in Croke Park

It’s actually a little surprising that Conor McGregor has not fought in Croke Park already. There’s almost no question that the MMA superstar could easily fill up the 82,000 seat stadium, especially since he captured the lightweight title.

Unfortunately, there are a number of issues that come up for a Conor McGregor fight in Croke Park to take place. The stadium has a curfew, which makes it hard for PPV times in the US. Weather can also be an issue, as Ireland is known to have sudden, unexpected downpours of rain.

Still though, the McGregor Croke Park fight is bound to happen sometime. PaddyPower currently lists the odds of a Croke Park MMA show in 2017 at 4/6.

What do you think? Will a Conor McGregor fight in Croke Park happen in the next few years? Where will McGregor’s next fight take place? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s Irish gambling news page to stay up-to-date on everything related to betting on Conor McGregor!

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