This Week in Pictures: December 06 – 12, 2016

Biggest news stories of the week

There were big news stories galore last week and if you missed them whilst you were busy we take a quick look back at some of the most important.

In Turkey a day of mourning was held after a bomb killed 38 people and injured another 160 when it detonated in the Besiktas district of Istanbul last week. Authorities say a quick succession of two explosions, both car bombs, killed 31 police officers coming just two hours after the local football stadium hosted a match between bitter rivals Besiktas and Bursaspor. “Sooner or later, we will have our vengeance. This blood will not be left on the ground, no matter what the price, what the cost.” Said Suleyman Soylu the Turkish interior minister.

In Egypt three days of mourning were declared after a bomb killed 25 people and injured another 49 in a Coptic Cathedral in central Cairo last week. The explosives equated to approximately 12 kilos of TNT and killed mostly women and children, with no one coming forward to claim responsibility. Father Boules Haliem, spokesman for the Coptic Church of Egypt said “This is about more than the Coptic community, this is an attack on all Egyptians.” Coptic Christians make up some 11% of the Egyptian, mostly Muslim, population.

In Nigeria at least 160 people were killed when a church collapsed near the city of Uyo crushing worshipers. The Reigners Bible Church International was in use despite still being under construction, as contractors hurried to complete the building before a ceremony on Saturday. This is the second such tragedy in Nigeria, the Synagogue Church Of All Nations collapse in 2014 killing 116 people, the structural engineers have been charged over the deaths. News from the site was hampered by Church officials fearing bad publicity.

In sports the NFL have announced they will oppose the bill proposed by Republican legislatures in Washington State that would allow fans to bring firearms into the stadium during games. Representative Matt Shea, David Taylor and Bob McCaslin have proposed the piece of legislation that would effect Mariners, Seahawks and Sounders games, the question is can they get it through? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out, but in the meantime here’s a look at some of the big stories we covered over the last seven days.

1. Betsson Horse Racing made gambling news by acquiring RaceBets.

Horse Racing 2016

Betsson’s revenue is expected to increase substantially (photo:

2. The world-famous Cherry Casino is offering their members three amazing new bonuses.

Cherry Casino bonuses

These three new bonuses offer some amazing rewards (photo: cherrycasino)

3. LeoVegas announced their expansion into Denmark.

Denmark gambling sites

One of the best online casinos in Europe can now be played in Denmark (photo: LeoVegas)

4. MP’s inside the UK have called for tighter regulations on FOBT’s.

UK gambling news

Will FOBT’s inside the UK soon be banned? (photo:

5. GamingZion breaks down the top three virtual sports you can bet on.

Virtual horse races

Virtual horse racing has been growing steadily over the years (photo:

6. Legendary tennis player Boris Becker was chosen as PartyPoker’s brand ambassador.

Boris Becker tennis

One lucky member of PartyPoker will actually play Becker in poker (photo:

7. We break down the betting odds between the Indian and English national cricket teams.

Cricket in India

India’s cricket team is favored to beat England (photo:

Meanwhile Donald Trump, President-Elect of the most powerful nation on Earth, claimed last week that the reason he only took a security briefing once a week, instead of as is traditional once a day, was because he’s “smart” and went on to assure the American people “I’m like a smart person. I don’t have to be told the same thing in the same words every day for the next eight years.” A sentiment which must just delight the people at the NSA, CIA and Pentagon who are charged with keeping America safe in the anything but static world of global security.

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