Here are the Top 3 Virtual Sports you can Bet on!

bet on virtual football

If you’re in the mood to make a sports wager but no games are on, have no fear. Here are the top 3 virtual sports you can bet on with NetBet Sportbook.

Betting on virtual sports has been growing more and more popular over the years. Technological advancements have made this new form of sports wagering nearly as exciting as the real thing, and it is a great way to practice betting if you’re a new better. Let’s take a look at the top 3 virtual sports you can bet on today.

Bet on Virtual Football

The massive popularity of games like FIFA has helped to open up the massively lucrative market of virtual football betting. Most online sportsbooks in the UK now offer this exciting form of sports wagering, but what exactly is it?

Essentially, virtual football is just a computer generated version of a football match. The virtual games are live streamed to players, who have a variety of betting options as they do for normal football games. NetBet Sportsbook is one of the best sites offering virtual football betting, as they actually play games based on real teams. For instance, you can watch and bet on a live virtual matchup between Sunderland and Leeds. This is not only an entertaining aspect of virtual sports gambling, but it is also great practice for making bets on real games, making it one of the best virtual sports you can bet on.

Bet on Virtual Horse Racing

If you enjoy horse race gambling, you will absolutely love betting on virtual horse racing. This may be one of the most popular virtual sports you can bet on, as races are held every 10 minutes, and players have a wide range of horse race betting options to choose from.

horse race gambling

NetBet offers multiple options for betting on virtual horse racing

Just like a real race, each horse is given odds to win. Players can bet on the outright winner, as well as make forecast and tricast bets. It is impossible to get bored betting on virtual horse races, so if you’re looking to put money on the track but no races are being held, check out this amazing virtual sports betting option. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make UK gambling news by becoming the world’s best virtual horse race gambler.

Bet on Virtual Greyhound Racing

Similar to virtual horse racing, betting on virtual greyhound racing is one of the most exciting forms of sports gambling you can partake in today. These races are held every 10 minutes, and as you would expect, allow players to make multiple types of bets including forecast and tricast wagers.

One of the best things about virtual greyhound racing is you don’t have to feel guilty about the way dogs are treated. We already covered in a previous article why we feel greyhound racing should be banned, but virtual greyhound racing is fair play! The new software that NetBet Sportsbook uses for these virtual events makes it feel like you’re really watching a race, so check it out today and start making wagers!

This exciting form of gambling is likely to grow even more in the future, but for now, these are the top 3 virtual sports you can bet on. So what are you waiting for? Head to NetBet Sportsbook today and check out these amazing betting options for yourself.

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