New Jersey Racetracks Seek Bet365 Style Internet Betting

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New Jersey has more than its fair share of woes, Atlantic City chief among them, but just how much progress will be stifled in their constant efforts to prop up this now unsustainable gambling hub on the east coast, where so many casinos abound? The public may have turned down casinos at racetracks in a referendum, but will they bar proposed internet gambling at them or will patrons of New Jersey’s hallowed turf be able to get some of the facilities enjoyed by those of us that use Bet365?

New Jersey Proposals

  • Internet gambling at racetracks
  • May damage Atlantic City
  • Full casinos rejected by vote

As we edge towards the end of a tumultuous year that may yet still provide us with more cause to be disagreeably surprised, and the celebrities of this planet eye each other like the cast of an Agatha Christie novel wondering who’ll be next, US law makers have fired the starting pistol on the next legislative season with a salvo of proposed bills that must leave most citizens of the US gambling news headlines next year aren’t of mass stadium shootings or the US military conducting strikes on Bet365.

After Derek Ragan Cincinnati looked crazy but in Washington state they really have proposed that people be allowed to carry guns at major sporting events – because which sport doesn’t need armed spectators? – and with Donald Trump’s ascension to power you can’t be sure the influence of Sheldon Adelson won’t persuade the commander in chief of the US armed forces into a surgical drone strike again the Coates family to prevent Bet365 extending it’s modern day services into their replica 1950s.

Racetracks Seek To Capitalize On Market Proximity

Given the obvious bias the casino owning Trump has against the online gambling community it is surprising to see that in New Jersey legislators have proposed a bill that would see some on-line gambling facilities available for use at specific locations at which gambling is already permitted. The Monmouth Park Racetrack and Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment locations would, under the bill, partner up with casino operators, however this being New Jersey that’s a double edged sword at best.

gambling on the horse races

Traditional betting booths may soon become obsolete (photo:

US gambling laws remained static for so long it is sometimes hard to keep in mind that New Jersey already has some measure of legal online gambling with revenues of some $16.7 million just in October, up nearly 30% on the same month last year, however this has had a negative impact on the economy of Atlantic City and the jury is still out on just how much Donald Trump wants to make Chris Christie suffer, a federal law could destroy any plans for online gambling to rival Bet365.

Bet365 Style Internet Gambling At New Jersey Racetracks?

New Jersey rejected having casinos at the race tracks in a referendum, but perhaps this slight shift will be seen to be less damaging to Atlantic City than that full blown alternative, albeit it one that will still cut into Atlantic City’s traffic, something the advisor to Monmouth Park, Dennis Drazin, was keen to play down. “This is a win-win for both the racetracks and the casino Industry.” He enthused admitting that not all casinos would be pleased and saying “They don’t have to do it if they don’t want to.”

“This would purely be at the will of the casinos.” He continued, which makes it sound like they’d not want to capitalize on the market of people who like to bet on sports in the US and regularly visit the racetracks, far closer than Atlantic City to the big urban areas in the north of the state. It remains to be seen however if even this tentative step along the road to internet gambling freedom will be permitted in the new political climate and with a man at the helm who owns the competing solution to Bet365 etc.

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