English Test Cricket Gambles On Last Hurrah In India

2016 English Cricket

World renowned historian A J P Taylor once said that “Nothing is inevitable until it happens” but a quick glance at the state of English test cricket today and even he would change his mind as to the inevitability of some things coming to pass. The fifth test in Chennai is almost a foregone conclusion but could the visitors come good at the last, create one of the world’s crazy gambling stories and defy the paltry odds on victory they’re given at Bet365?

In The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy an injudicious use of the infinite improbability drive creates a sperm whale and a bowl of petunias in a rapidly decaying orbital trajectory. The whale explores it’s surroundings, albeit briefly, and the bowl of petunias thinks “Oh no. Not again.”. The last test between England and India produced precisely the same depressed thought from the English test cricket fans as the Indian bowling line up took the visitors apart and gave the home side an innings and 36 run win.

India vs. England

  • Fifth Test
  • Chennai
  • Fri 16th, 2016

Any Indian gambling news headlines would be measured and calm as the home side got the series winning game, now 3-0 up with only one match left to play, would be hugely mistaken, and why should India not revel in this victory? England are a side adrift on their own inadequacies and they were outclassed, some crowing about demonstrating it so easily is almost mandatory, however this does mean the odds on English test cricket recovering its dignity next weekend at Bet365 are slim at best.

Bet365 Gives England Just 5/1 Against India In Chennai

The best you’ll find on English test cricket sorting its life out, at sites akin to Bet365, is around 5/1 which, if we’re honest, is generous given just how quickly the visitors collapsed in the face of a wicket that favored an already dominant bowling force. India on the other hand get a pretty much on the nose 4/7 and if you like to bet on sports in India that will probably take your fancy, although a draw is 3/1 and that could well be a fair wager given the inclement nature of the local weather at present.

English test cricket

Joe Root will be one of England’s leaders in Chennai (photo: AFP)

Cyclone Vardah claimed seven lives across the region and left a trail of destruction in its wake however with the skies clearing organizers have thus far maintained the match will go ahead in Chennai on Friday despite the situation, however they do remain guarded about being definitive given the scale of the disaster. The show must go on, but there’s a question of taste. English test cricket might prefer it canceled altogether, although they could use a little shaking up, and a disposable test is just the place for it.

Which Bowler Will Get The Biggest Haul?

English test cricket selectors are not, however, known for their radical thinking, and they’re likely to run out much the same team to much the same result, hoping beyond hope that India suddenly lose their ability to completely stifle adequate response to entire satisfactory run totals. It won’t take much of a genius to work out after the worst of the weather the wicket will be quite a random affair however proficient the grounds staff so we could be looking at a drubbing worse that they’ve suffered so far.

Fifth Test Odds

  • India – 4/7
  • Draw – 3/1
  • England – 5/1

Of course that does mean there are some interest odds to be had on which of the Indian bowlers will get the most wickets, with Ravichandran Ashwin leading the way at sites like Bet365 on 4/7, Ravindra Jadeja gets 9/4 with Amit Mishra close behind on 9/2, and if the weather doesn’t get in the way that’ll be a great book to be in on, although one does have to remember the somewhat restrictive nature of Indian gambling laws, and there is still every chance the weather won’t let this game go ahead.

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Willy Parker
Willy Parker
2 years ago

Gambling over sports is so common now. esp. in india.