Are Delhi And The RCB An Equitable Bet On The 2020 IPL?

  • Delhi Capitals And Royal Challengers Bangalore Get Same Odds
  • You Can Still Snare A Fabulous Bet On The 2020 IPL At Bet365
  • Teams Look Solid On Paper But Both Face Some Tough Choices
Bet On The 2020 IPL
Image source: Ramesh NG from Bangalore, INDIA / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The bookies like Bet365 give 7/1 apiece to the Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore right now. However, these are not overly weak sides. They’ve plenty of room to squeeze out a side having a bad day. So whilst they might not appear the best bet on the 2020 IPL right now they’re far from also-rans. More mid-field runners. So get a couple of victories under their belt and really anything is possible. Really anything. If it does, you’ll see their price at online betting sites in India shift significantly. 

You can understand why these two sides both get the same price at the bookies like Bet365. Even in terms of depth. They share both some delightful players and some tricky decisions. You can bet on the Delhi Capitals to find themselves tiring over the long haul. Sure, they have a decent batting line up. But that’s not enough to secure my bet on the 2020 IPL. They’ve issues with their bowling. Especially if Kagiso Rabada tires. Just how many of their team can take up that slack? Very few I’d wager. Which is a pity.

Certainly, Shimron Hetmyer is going to be the lynchpin, as will Jason Roy. However, these two are joining a side that did far better last season than expected. Sure, the Super Kings edged them out in the playoffs, but they’re wiser this time around. That 7/1 on offer at online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 could well be a great bet on the 2020 IPL. But, can their relatively young batting line up put the scores on the board they’ll need to beat the likes of Mumbai and Chennai?

Bet On The 2020 IPL
Virat Kohli in 2015 – Image source: Bollywood Hungama / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Virat Kohli Will Revel In The UAE’s Conditions 

It’s debatable. Yes. They have Chris Woakes and Marcus Stoinis around. Plus Ajinkya Rahane. but is that enough? Maybe. It’ll probably come down to a fair bit of luck vis a vis opposition disposition, but they’re still a great bet on the 2020 IPL. Indeed their somewhat long odds on the IPL merely make them a far more attractive wager. After all, Rababa was the second-highest wicket-keeper last year, and the UAE might suit his style. It seems very likely it will suit Shimron Hetmyer. That could well make the difference.

Meanwhile, a bet on the Royal Challengers Bangalore looks about the same in terms of risk vs reward. However, they could be a better bet on sports in India. This tournament without fans will come down to the strength of character. The RCB have that in bucket loads. Not least because their captain is legend Virat Kohli. In a tournament with the atmosphere of a practice session, this old warrior could show them all how it’s done. So the RCB is no bad bet on the 2020 IPL. Not by a long chalk.

Odds On The 2020 IPL At bet365

  • Rajasthan Royals – 10/1
  • Kings IX Punjab – 8/1
  • Delhi Capitals – 7/1
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore – 7/1
  • Chennai Super Kings – 5/1
  • Kolkata Knight Riders – 5/1
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad – 9/2
  • Mumbai Indians – 4/1

RCB Could Be A Great Bet On The 2020 IPL At Bet365

They’ve AB de Villiers and Aaron Finch, both of whom can pile on the runs in the right conditions. Add to that the talents of Moeen Ali, Umesh Yadav, and Josh Phillipe and it’s going to be tricky seeing them off. That they get the same 7/1 as the Delhi Capitals is almost a little insulting. They appear, on paper at least, a far better bet on the 2020 IPL. However, if their openers go down easy, the side folds right after them. So, they’re quite a risky bet on T20 cricket. At least in this context.

You need to have batsman in the middle and lower orders who can stick it on when necessary. The RCB lack these in the main. That will become an obvious issue later on, especially if their fast bowlers can’t hold them steady. Still, that said, if you are going to take advantage of Indian gambling laws, there are worse odds on the 2020 IPL you could take up. It’s just a shame that doesn’t really make either of these the best bet on the 2020 IPL you can grab at the present time. Alas. There are other better teams. 

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