Are The Odds On England Winning The 2017 Ashes Really Fair?

2017 Ashes betting odds

There aren’t any sporting rivalries quite like that as between England and Australia on the cricket pitch. Some may be more ardent, more passionate, and even more violent, but none of them are as long lived and more deeply entrenched in the national psyche. Perhaps that’s why the odds on England winning the 2017 Ashes at Bet365 seem so harsh, even those us that lack a shred of patriotism find it distasteful to think that so far out from the event we’re already being given less than equal chance.

The Ashes 2017/18

• 70th Series since 1882
• Hosts – Australia
• 5 matches
• Nov 23rd – Jan 8th
• England – 12/5
• Australia – 8/13
• Draw – 6/1

When Australia beat England at home back in 1882 a wag wrote a false obituary for English Cricket in The Sporting Times reporting that the body would be cremated and taken back down under. This left the English captain to retort he would “recover those ashes” and over a few years the name stuck. The odds on England winning the 2017 Ashes are therefore, perhaps amusingly, an opportunity to place a wager on the most famous event ever to be based on fake news. Donald Trump eat your heart out.

This winter the 70th instance of this glorious competition will get underway in Australia where the England team can expect a typical Aussie welcome. Those that like to bet on sports in Australia will recognize the formula. Simply mix unbearably warm weather, snide media coverage that borders on psychological warfare and sledging (on pitch trash talk) that regularly strays towards the hugely offensive. Perhaps that’s why the odds on England winning the 2017 Ashes at Bet365 are so poor.

Find All The Odds On England Winning The 2017 Ashes At Bet365

England winning in Australia has never been an easy ask, and the entire atmosphere in Australia is slightly different, and has been ever since the infamous “Bodyline” series of 1932/33 where in response to the legendary Don Bradman the England captain had his team bowl at, rather than to, the batsmen. Within the rules but perhaps against the spirit of the game this fast leg theory bowling soured relations between the two nations and that ill feeling directly contributes to the odds on England winning the 2017 Ashes.

England cricket match

England is widely considered to be one of the premier cricket nations on earth (photo:

It’s not that England can’t win, it’s simply that the poor odds on England winning the 2017 Ashes given by sites like Bet365 reflect just how much harder Australia play at home and one only need but glance at the five-nil victory they wrought on the 2013/14 tourists to know that taking advantage of Australian gambling laws to back the English to win is the wager of a brave gambler at the best of times, especially after that second test collapse for a dismal 133 against South Africa this summer.

Will Home Field Advantage Give Australia The Edge?

The 2017/18 Ashes Series

• The odds on England winning the 2017 Ashes stand at just 12/5
• Australia’s chances of stopping them are 8/13
• The two sides are 6/1 at Bet365 to draw the Ashes series

That weakness has, we are told, been addressed, and since that 340 run loss the side have given England back to back victories winning them the series, however the spectre of that disaster haunts them and the odds on England winning the 2017 Ashes hovering at just 12/5 on sites like Bet365 is a good indication the bookies aren’t sure they won’t collapse again and fail to retain the Ashes. Certainly that’s what the Australians will be hoping for, and indeed positively encouraging if they can manage it.

The home side get a rather more attractive 8/13 from Bet365 and if the odds on England winning the 2017 Ashes are anything they’re a representation of the Australian determination to stop them, and effort that will start well ahead of time with the usual mind games, and will end in tears before bedtime. Australia might have home field advantage but I suspect the Australian gambling news headlines will be of a surprising England win. But I would say that, wouldn’t I? And anyway, a draw at 6/1 is probably the smart bet.

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