Armed Gang Swoops On Nursery Kids Who Win The Lottery

Posted: December 2, 2021

Updated: December 2, 2021

  • Act Of Charity In Mexico Goes Badly Awry
  • Lotto Agent Can Help You Win The Lottery
  • Armed Gang Demand Children’s Winnings

They say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and alas news in from Mexico proves the point. What began as a rather nice gesture of charity from anonymous benefactors has led to disaster for one village. Unfortunately, it seems just because you win the lottery in Mexico doesn’t mean your problems are over. Indeed a winning ticket in one of the best lottery jackpots in the country can easily create some more. Like placing a large bullseye on your forehead.  

Donating a $20 lottery ticket to a poor school or nursery is a nice gesture. Sure, the company running the lottery gets some nice publicity out of it, but even so. Even the most cynical amongst us will have to admit it’s no bad thing. After all, some lucky schools or nurseries will win, and what’s wrong with that? Well most places in the world, probably nothing at all. In Mexico, unfortunately, things aren’t so simple. You can win the lottery, but keeping your winnings? 

Ocosingo is a small indigenous village in Southern Mexico where the local nursery school teaches couple of dozen kids. They read their name on the list of winners last year and rejoiced. Then they found that if you win the lottery in Mexico, things can get unexpectedly complicated. After all, who’d expect any problems? Even the best lotto jackpot reviews on Lotto Agent and the like tend to omit the whole gangsters-trying-to-steal-your-winnings aspect of lottery success.  

Gang Threatens Nursery School Kids Who Win The Lottery

Alas, in Southern Mexico gang violence is endemic. So, when the Ocosingo nursery kids win the lottery, what happens? That’s right, the local gang wants the money. Apparently, the parents’ plans weren’t good enough. They simply thought buying the school a new roof and making other improvements around the village was the way forward. The local gang had other ideas. They wanted the money to buy weapons for an upcoming fight with the gang in a neighboring village. 

Standing up to the “Los Petules” gang has cost the Ocosingo parents dearly. It started with threats. Then they followed these up with attempted murder as the gang attempted to persuade them to hand over the cash. This didn’t work. So finally, they attacked women and children in the village forcing dozens of families to flee. These poor folks won the best lottery to play in Mexico and have lost their homes and livelihoods to gangsters. Talk about charity backfiring.

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Of course, when you win the lottery things will be different. Yes, yes, you may have to contend with the odd begging letter or annoying relative, but gangsters? It seems a little unlikely, doesn’t it? You hit the right numbers at Lotto Agent or wherever and you can sit back and bask in your newfound fortune. No one is going to chase you from your home with a machete. Your local law enforcement would take a great deal of interest in anyone who tried, right? Not so in Mexico.

“[We have lost] our cattle, our homes, our refrigerators, our corn and bean harvests, and our chickens.” 

  • Former Ocosingo Resident

The families involved informed the local authorities but hold out little hope of any meaningful action. Whilst they make every effort to combat gang violence, the authorities are trying to stamp out crab grass. When one gang vanishes vanquished another pops up to replace it to prey on the weak. They’ll even steal from nursery school kids. So, for the villagers of Ocosingo, it would seem, you can win the lottery from an act of charity and still lose absolutely everything.    


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We take a look at how you can win the lottery in Mexico and rapidly wish you hadn’t.

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