Army and Cops Close Mexican Casino Yet Avoid Warring Cartels – Part 2


Posted: July 19, 2011

Updated: July 19, 2011

Part 2 - Win Land casino loses Mexican gambling license in Monterrey, a city of Mexican cartel wars and vile beheadings

Part 2

It just so happens that another powerful Mexican Drug Cartel, Los Zetas Cartel, composed of deserters from Mexican Army Special Forces, federal police and Guatemalan Special Forces began its expansion into Monterrey.

The daily skirmishes between Los Zetas Cartel and the Gulf results in thousands of innocent bystanders brutally murdered, tortured and decapitated.

Casinos are practically deserted with the majority of the residents preferring the safety and convenience of gambling online at reputable Mexican internet casinos.

Today is not uncommon for pitched battles to take place with both sides using army grade heavy automatic weapons, ballistic vests, grenades and armored vehicles.

As the three casino inspectors reached the Win Land casino it became obvious that a battle was taking place around the corner from the Mexican casino. Dozens of Gulf Cartel ‘head hunters’ and dozens of Los Zetas Cartel executioners were locked in drug fueled all-out war.

According to online gambling news in Mexico, the three inspectors silently made their way into the casino where over twenty casino employees quietly roughed them up and gently placed them outside to ensure that the drug cartels would not notice their presence.

The Mexican casino inspectors, following procedure created by Mexican gambling laws, called one of the two independent police departments of Monterrey, the casino management called the second police department and when cops arrived a full blown riot began.

It took over 100 Mexican state police officers and a unit of the Mexican army from the capital of the Nuevo Leone state to quell the riot and shut down what was left of the Mexican casino. After the army, the police, the inspectors and the arrested casino employees left, sporadic gunfire and loud explosions could still be heard nearby as multiple simultaneous skirmishes were simultaneously occurring throughout the city.

The closure of the Win Land Mexican casino ended with the arrest of 19 casino employees who were each charges with obstruction of justice, rioting and wasting police and army resources. No cartel member was arrested. With only four known murders it was a relatively peaceful Sunday compared to ten days earlier when 20 people were murdered in just one bar alone.

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