Cops and Army Close Mexican Casino But Avoid Warring Cartels – Part 1

Win Land casino loses Mexican gambling license in Monterrey, a city of Mexican cartel wars and beheading.

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The city of Monterrey was once ranked as the safest metropolis in Latin America for two years in a row. Today, it would be highly unlikely if it would even make the top 10,000 list. Monterrey, Mexico has a definite vibe of Beirut in the 1980’s or the present day Bagdad or Kabul.

Just switch the sombreros for turbans, burritos for shawarmas, dump a few camels and the resemblance will be uncanny.

Last Sunday, three brave city casino inspectors ventured to Win Land Casino which is owned by a group of ‘Mexican and foreign investors.’ Their unenviable job was to inform the staff that the casino had just lost its Mexican gambling license due to its chronic disregard for zoning as well as Mexican gambling laws.

According to online gambling news in Mexico, Win Land casino built an attachment without a permit which was used by qualified ladies to entertain the casino patrons who were in the mood for a quick romance at a very competitive price.

As the casino inspectors walked towards the casino, the air was filled with the sound of the Sunday church bells in a scene reminiscent of any Sergio Leone ‘spaghetti western’ movies. The sounds of automatic gun fire and a very loud occasional explosion could be heard and felt from a few blocks behind Win Land Casino.

Monterrey, in the past few years has become the ‘home base’ of the powerful Gulf Cartel and its army of head chopping assassins. (Nobody plays bowling in Monterrey anymore). Most people prefer to be safe and stay at home gambling at online casinos in Mexico which unlike some dodgy traditional casinos are actually reputable.

Link to Part Two is Below

Army and Cops Close Mexican Casino Yet Avoid Warring Cartels – Part 2

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