Asian Gambling Culture – What Makes Asian Games Unique


Posted: May 6, 2022

Updated: May 6, 2022

  • How is Asia different from other regions for gamblers
  • The unique features of gambling in Asia
  • Asian gambling culture
Kitty Kuo at the ’18 WPT – Image source: Flickr

The Asian gambling culture is much different than the western cultures. It has many features and concepts America and Europe are rarely familiar with. They host one of the most beautiful casinos to ever exist. Furthermore, they have unique games and cultural phenomena that make the whole experience unique for a foreigner. These differences show in their law and mentality about gambling.

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The Asian gambling culture is one of the most unique topics in the field of anthropology. Because it is more closely related to their culture as a whole. Therefore, America and Europe are mostly historic and political. At the same time gambling has been treated differently in the east. There are many factors to mention, such as the influence of Buddhism, and the unique games you don’t often see in Vegas casinos. However, the online gambling sites in China are similar to all international gambling operators.

Asian Gambling Culture

According to the New York Times, the Asian gambling culture shows its beauty through the wonderful design exclusive to Asian culture. It has always been the case that Eastern art is much different from Western culture. Therefore, Asia has casinos that greet visitors with beautiful koi ponds, and small zen gardens implemented around the walls of the poker rooms. The ultimate example of this is the famous Wing Lei Palace in Macau, China. Because it is one of the top casino restaurants in the world. Furthermore, just looking at the pictures of the Wing Lei Palace makes you feel like this is a place out of our world. The design alone baths the eye in gold and luxury, yet it is calm and exotic. Therefore, the Asian gambling culture has one of the best gambling experiences in the world.

The Impacts of Buddhism On the Asian Gambling Culture

The influence of Buddhism is present in the Asian gambling culture. More than anywhere else in the world. Because in America and Europe, the dominant religion is Christianism. Therefore in Asia seeing a Buddhist monk is a normal thing, while in other countries it is sort of a rare phenomenon. For example, this year a Thai Monk Won The Lottery. Therefore, the whole village has received a small amount of money, because he decided to give it all away. According to his words, the money he won was the money of the gods. These kinds of acts are mostly normal things in Asia and India. Because the culture is more accustomed to sharing than other regions. Furthermore, true Buddhist people are trying to stay away from gambling. Because the only reason the monk bought a ticket was to support the ticket seller in trouble.

Asian Gambling Culture

Unique Games In The Asian Gambling Culture

There are many unique games to play that originate from the Asian gambling culture. Some of them are more famous in the country than poker and roulette. In the mind of the western gambler, these games are usually exotic and rare. However in Asia, they are not gambling alternatives, but the very basics of gambling games. Therefore, these gambling games from Asia are the original games they play. Western slots and games have been implemented later in history when the international business began. These games are the famous Pai Gow, the tile-based domino gambling game. And Sic Bo, where you can bet on the results of dice rolls. Alternatively, they also have a game called Go, which is a strategic gambling game. Much like the mix of chess and tic tac toe.

Casino Workers And Smoking

There are some places in the Asian gambling culture where casino workers and smokers have special rules. Therefore, most Asian casinos have a room dedicated to staff members that are smoking. They may clock out at almost any time during their shift to visit the room to smoke. However, they have to stay for one hour longer than non-smoking workers. This might be implemented in other regions’ casinos. However, in Asian countries, this is a common practice. Therefore, if you are a smoker, you don’t have to stress about waiting for official breaks. However, if you are not a smoker, you get to go home one hour earlier. According to KultureHub, casinos are illegal in most parts of China. This is why legal places try to be as flexible as they can.

Macau Is The City Of Gambling

When we are speaking about gambling, the first thing that comes to mind is Las Vegas or Atlantic City. However many gamblers don’t know that the true city of gambling can be found inside the Asian gambling culture. Because Macau is just as industrialized as the two biggest gambling cities in America. However, according to Gamblers Daily Digest Macau is more charming for professional gamblers than tourists. It was designed for high rollers and one of the most experienced gamblers in the world. While Las Vegas has high quality, they prefer quantity. But Macau is more focused on the brand of offering the highest stakes in the world.

Asian Gambling Culture

Mythology And Asian Gambling Culture

As for the final thoughts about the Asian gambling culture, it is important to note that it has a great history in the region. For example, the Chinese Great Wall has been constructed and repaired by selling lottery tickets. Furthermore, it has been more openly present in the eastern religion than it has been in other cultures. For example, they have gods dedicated to fortune, mischief, and gambling. For this reason, gambling has been a part of everyday life for the citizens of China since the early medieval period. This changed when the modern era arrived, and political views have been introduced to the government. Furthermore, legal gambling had a long-time monopoly just like in every other country.

Online Gambling In Asia

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