Asian Games 2022 Odds – Betting, North Korea, Faker And More!


Posted: September 4, 2023

Updated: September 4, 2023

  • North Korea at an Olympic competition!
  • Faker playing Olympic esports
  • Asian Games 2022 odds

Want to see North Korea in the Olympics? Maybe seeing Faker playing the Olympic League of Legends for the nation of South Korea? These are no longer just cool ideas! We are going to see North Korea making an appearance, competing against all Asian regions including the UAE. Furthermore, we can see Faker and the other best players of South Korea forming the Olympic League of Legends team. And the Asian Games 2022 odds are now available!

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Today we are going to introduce you to the Asian Games 2022 odds. Furthermore, we will talk about some of the most amazing news, and of course, debate the potential boycott. If you have never made a sports bet before, then this is the perfect opportunity. Because at the end we are going to give you a quick and simple guide that is going to lead you right to the odds. 

However, before that, we have the Asian Games to introduce. This year we have heard much about China, Japan, and India while other regions kept it relatively silent for now. Make sure to cherish this event, because this is the first time that League of Legends is an official Olympic sport. The future is today! You can bet on the gold medals by registering at most of the online sportsbook sites in South Korea.

About The Asian Games 2022 Odds

Let’s begin by introducing you to the event. Without saying too little, it is the Asian Olympics. This means that in China, Hangzhou is going to be the host this year. It is one of the most important pieces of the Asian gambling culture from all over the world. According to the Hangzhou2022, the whole event is going to be powered by green electricity.

And since we all know how business works, it seems that our future is all about green-powered entertainment media. In conclusion, this event is going to give you a peer into the future technology of both sports events and of course general energy solutions. Above all, it is going to bring the best competition for all sports that is trending in Asia.  – Register at 22BET Sportsbook for betting opportunities!

Regions for the Asian games

Which Countries Are Involved?

According to the Olympics, we already have the athletes of each category announced. This means that you can already begin to measure the powers in each ranking. I can already tell you that South Korea is going to take home a few gold medals in esports. Because their team has Faker in it, and they are going to play League of Legends.

What is another amazing news is that this is one event where we get to see North Korean athletes. Which is an extremely rare phenomenon considering the political climate. Nonetheless, you can expect the following regions at the Asian Games 2022 odds;

  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Iran
  • Indonesia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Taiwan
  • Qatar
  • Sri Lanka
  • North Korea
  • UAE
  • … and more

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The Asian Games 2022 Odds

Now that you know the starting details. Let’s move on to the odds. There are countless props you can bet on, but mostly the amount of gold medals and, and course the difference between the countries when it comes to gold medals. But predominantly, you can guess the outright winner of the event. Therefore, the following odds are going to apply for the outright winners.

And if you are looking for a different event? Just learn how to attend the AFC Asian Cup. – If you prefer it here, then you should know that China is highly favored by the bookies. While NK will excel at eSports, China is truly outstanding. India will likely win Cricket.

Who Will Win?

  • China – 1.01
  • Japan – 41
  • South Korea— 65
  • India– 100
  • Kazakhstan – 100
  • Iran-100
  • Any other-100
  • Indonesia -100
  • Uzbekistan -100
  • Taiwan -100

North Korea will be at the Asian Games 2022

Countries To Boycott The Event

There are rumors that some of the regions might seek to boycott the Asian Games in China. However, professionals estimate that it couldn’t be boycotted. Especially the fact that it is fueled by green energy. A boycott wouldn’t work out in anyone’s favor. Furthermore, it is an extremely friendly game, and there is no politics involved on the high surface.

There is always a gate for politics. Many people believe that Japan will boycott them, but I believe no one will. This is just a bet based on the history of the event which isn’t relevant anymore.

Asian Games. 2022. Country to boycott Asian Games in China

  • Philippines – 6
  • India – 9
  • Taiwan – 9.5
  • Malaysia – 19
  • Indonesia – 19
  • Vietnam – 19

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Alternative Asian Games 2022 Odds

Moving on to the other odds. While we didn’t list every single prop, you can find betting markets in the Asian Games that seek to go into specifics. For example, you could bet on each country and region to score above a certain gold medal. Furthermore, you can make a head-to-head bet between any countries.

Some regions have a bad history with sports. These are not listed on the website, because their loss is almost guaranteed against China, Japan, the Philippines, North Korea, and India. According to One Esports Faker is going to represent North Korea in League of Legends. So at least we know that they will receive one gold medal.

Asian swimming

How And Where To Bet?

If you are interested in the Asian Games 2022 odds. Then let me highlight the fact that if you can think of a sport, then this event is probably going to make a competition out of it. Therefore, this is the ultimate event to decide who is the true king of sports and mental sports in the East. 

Do not miss this event, and if you are not betting, at least watch it, or vice versa. This is an innovative event that is going to set the bar for Western competitions too. I recommend you to register at 22BET Sportsbook. Because they not only have a wide variety of odds but also offer alternative sites that have the best Asian gambling games.

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