Australia Stresses the Prohibition of Betting for Footballers

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Case of violation of the National Code of Conduct turn the red lights on in the Australian Football Federation.

The Australian Football Federation (FFA) made it once again clear that it is of crucial importance for football players to comply with the rules when internet betting in Australia is concerned. What is at stake here according to official of the FFA is the integrity of football as a sport that needs to be preserved.

According to FIFA’s legislation the registered players, coaches, referees and club officials are not allowed to be involved in any kind of betting activities on football matches anywhere in the world. The National Code of Conduct of FFA has accommodated this requirement by FIFA.

Fines for the violators of the code are becoming more frequent

The need for FFA to stress again his view on the issue was stimulated by the recent case of a football player in New South Wales who violated the code by betting on matches from the national A-League in the past year. After the betting agency investigated the case he was punished with a fine of AUS 1,000 (EUR 687 / USD 774).

This is not the sole case of sports betting by football players in Australia. In April this year, three players from Western Australia were also fined after placing wagers on a regional match of the PS4 National Premier League, gambling news report.

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