Australian of the Year 2018 Betting Odds for the Remarkable Ones

Australian of the Year 2018 Betting Odds for the Remarkable Ones

The Australian of the Year Awards were created to honour outstanding persons in the community as well as Australia Day. Who will be 2018 Australian of the Year out of the 32 nominees from all over country? Insights for the most likely winner can be gained from the following preview of Australian of the Year 2018 betting odds.

First and foremost, we have to know the judging criteria of the Australia of the Year award. According to National Australia Day Council, the organiser of this event, the winner has to demonstrate excellence in their field, be an inspirational role model and contribute to the Australian community on a significant level.

Australian online gambling news reported that the 2018 Australia of the Year will be announced on Australia Day Eve, January 25. On that day, a stage will be set up in front of the Parliament House in Canberra where thousands of Australians will be watching on the spot as well as on TV. Are you excited to start betting on Australian of the Year 2018? Here are some of the most promising nominees!

Inspiring Rugby Player Using Fame For Good

Johnathan Thurston is one of the best National Rugby League players in Australia. What did he contribute to the society? In 2017, Johnathan built a Cowboy House funded by his 9.5 million dollar campaign. This place is now home to 50 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in remote Queensland. Johnathan is a role model to many Australians, especially aspiring athletes. If you want to bet on Johnathan to win, his Australian of the Year 2018 betting odds are at 6/1.

Public Health Reach in Australia and the World

Dr. Bo Remenyi (source: NT News)

Dr. Bo Remenyi, a paediatric cardiologist, has a mission of lowering the number of children dying of preventable heart diseases. Ever since, she has been saving lives of children with Rheumatic Heart Disease, a common disease in the Indigenous population. This is her notable work in Australia.

On the world level, Dr. Bo is working with American Heart Association and World Heart Federation in global public health projects. It’s no wonder why Dr. Bo has high odds to receive this year’s Australian of the Year award at 4/1, according to online gambling sites in Australia. So bet on the Australian of the Year 2018 to be Dr. Bo Remenyi! She is not only helping children in Australia; her reach is global.

Revolutionary and round-breaking Work

As for our bookies favourite to be the Australian of the Year 2018 is Professor Michelle Simmons (2/1). Her research in advanced computer systems is ground-breaking. The potential is endless. Her end product could lead to the revolution of drug design, weather forecasting, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence and so much more!

Bet on the Australian of the Year 2018

The Australian of the Year Awards recognise many fields of excellence. The winner could range from Professor Michelle Simmons (2/1) working with Quantum Physics, Dr. Bo Remenyi (4/1) involving in health projects or Johnathan Thurston (6/1) who is leader and a great role model. In the meantime, you can bet on the Australian of the Year 2018 at Unibet Sportsbook now!

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