Australian Opposition Will Shake Up Gambling Regulation if Elected

Coalition Vows to Replace Gambling Regulator With Advisory Board

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Australian gambling laws would get a major shake up should the opposition coalition gain power in September elections. With 7th September elections fast approaching, the leading body for gaming venues in Australia, Clubs Australia, has given it’s backing to the opposition plans, which include switching responsibility for problem gambling support to individual states.

Speaking about this possible change in system, a Clubs Australia statement read: “The Coalition’s approach recognises the work already done and reflects the reality that policies based on proper consultation and consideration work better for problem gamblers than those that are the product of hasty political deals.”

The largest sector of gambling in Australia is poker machines – with Australian gamblers spending AUD 12 billion a year out of AUD 19 billion spent on gambling as a whole. Foreign based casinos are gaining increased popularity in Australia, thanks to a ban on online casinos in Australia accepting players from their own country.

Australians are one of the biggest gamblers in the world, with 80% of the adult population taking part in some form of gambling or other. mobile betting has gained a small foothold in the country, thanks to the popularity of a variety of sports, but it is still the machines in brick and mortar casinos that rake in the most cash.

Still, problem betting is seen as a major problem in the country, with independent politician Andrew Wilkie – who championed mandatory pre-commitment for poker machines – saying: “Self-regulation hasn’t worked because the gambling industry is only concerned with protecting its profits and doesn’t care about the harm caused to problem gamblers.”

Yet with 80% of the voting population taking part in gambling, the coalition is sure to gain some support for this measure, and should it gain power come election time, the industry could gain hold of the regulatory bodies, freeing up the possibility of new Australian online casinos.

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