New Online Sportsbook Launched in France

Collaboration between Sportnco and FootballFeeling leads to new sports betting site

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There is a newcomer to the growing number of online sportsbooks in France: Feelingbet. The collaboration between sports betting solutions provider Sportnco, and football forecasting site FootballFeeling offers gamblers the chance to bet while following the forecasts from FootballFeeling.

FootballFeeling has become an often used forecast site for anyone who wanted to bet on sports in France. The lack of its own software to offer this, however, has led to the search for a partner, which has come to a successful conclusion with Sportnco.

It is this link that Feelingbet will be looking to take advantage of in an already overcrowded marketplace. Before 2010, there was a state monopoly on sportsbooks, and the opening up of this market has led to the formation of a number of French language offerings. This liberization of French gambling laws has created a free market for sports gambling, the largest form of gambling within the country.

The success of this freedom was shown at the 2010 football World Cup, when EUR 83 million was bet. This was more than double than previously, when online gambling was state owned. Online casino games, except for poker, are still illegal in France, however, as they are considered based upon luck, not skill.

Feelingbet is mainly focused upon football, which takes up over half the sports betting wagered in France every year. This has taken over from horse racing as France’s premier form of gambling in recent years, aided by the aforementioned law changes.

Sportnco has been providing solutions for sports and horse betting since 2010, and its in-house solutions power a number of sportsbooks throughout France and beyond.

FootballFeeling has been providing football betting forecasts since 2009 and this new offering is designed to tap into its more than 5,000 annual forecasts. As well as football, Feelingbet will offer betting opportunities on 20 other sports, meaning it will cover more than 32,000 sporting events every year.

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