Authorities Warn Poker Players about New Scam in Macau

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Scammer offers Chinese gamblers virtual poker chips, but disappears with their money.

Authorities on the island of Macau are warning internet gamblers about a new scam making the rounds on illegal poker websites. With Chinese gambling laws strictly forbidding both online and offline casinos, punters who try their luck online became easy targets for the scammer.

According to Macau Daily News, the crook logs on to online poker sites in China, virtual communities or forums and offers to sell poker chips for what first looks like an attractive price. After raising the initial price and squeezing more money out of his victims’ pockets, he eventually disappears.

Vanished without a trace

A 21 year-old online punter from Macau reported the poker scam to the local judiciary police, after losing thousands of Macau pataca to the crook. At first, he was offered 10,000 poker chips for 600 Macau pataca (about $75), but after he deposited the money in an online bank account, the crook asked for 1,800 more.

The Chinese punter agreed and made another deposit, but the scammer asked him for another 3,000 pacata to deliver the poker chips. This is when the Chinese player became suspicious and turned to the authorities. Police investigations soon revealed that the bank account had disappeared, along with his money.

The crook has not been caught yet, so online gamblers are advised to be extra careful when it comes to these kinds of virtual transactions.

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