Backbenchers May Not Bet On Boris Johnson To Be Best Now

  • Accusations Of Hypocrisy Signal Dissatisfaction 
  • Bet On Boris Johnson To Keep No.10 At Bet365
  • Bullying Not Brexit May Bring Down Boris Now
Bet On Boris Johnson
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The British Prime Minister faces some massive issues at present, not least of which is Brexit. So, it is perhaps understandable to see him attempt ignoring the bullying accusations against Priti Patel. However, this may prove tactically unsound. The backbenchers aren’t happy and the odds on a vote of no confidence are shortening. Right now few would bet on Boris Johnson to win that. Indeed online sportsbook sites in the UK are already hedging on a 2021 exit for Bojo. 

Sometimes you wonder if British politics will ever escape the shadow of Yes Minister. For all the modernization and hi-tech it still seems to keep that flavor of merry farce. Albeit it with much of The Thick Of It added in. You can bet on Boris Johnson wishing it would. The accusations against Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, were straightforward enough. She was somewhat strident in her tone and manner. Some people are. Although usually not toward senior civil servants.

This all starts with a senior civil servant. Sir Philip Rutnam. Priti Patel sacked him after they had a disagreement about her behavior. He is now suing for wrongful dismissal. Obviously, the government commissioned a report. Sir Alex Allen, the PM’s advisor on ministerial standards,  wrote it. It was damning. The PM then promptly ignored it and Sir Alex quit. You can always bet on Boris Johnson to frustrate those in the UK gambling laws apply to all equally. Priti gets off.

Bullying Claims May Hit Home On Backbenches

So having lost two senior civil servants and irked all the rest, you’d bet on Boris Johnson walking softly for a while. Keeping his head down. Not saying anything too inflammatory under the circumstances. Concentrating on other, bigger issues. Well, you would if you didn’t know him. Instead, Boris doubled down and wrote to ministers and their officials there was “no place for bullying” in government. The hypocrisy was staggering. It may well prove to be the last straw.

Bet On The Next PM In The UK

  • Matthew Hancock – 50/1
  • James Cleverly – 40/1
  • Sajid  Javid – 33/1
  • Priti Patel – 25/1
  • Dominic Raab – 16/1
  • Jeremy Hunt – 10/1
  • Michael Gove – 13/2
  • Keir Starmer – 3/1
  • Rishi Sunak – 5/2
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The backbenchers of the Conservative Party are a fickle lot. All shouting behind you when things go well, all stabbing you in the back when they don’t. Stunned by the size of his election victory they all wholeheartedly bet on Boris Johnson to lead them forward. These days, not so much. Things have not gone well. Brexit is particularly egregious. That’s why as well as a bet on sports in the UK this weekend at Bet365 you can also find a wager on a vote of no confidence arising.

Bet On Boris Johnson
Will a British Biden surmount the British Trump as well?

Bet On Boris Johnson Winning At Bet365 

Basically, if enough Tory MPs write to the 1922 Committee they can have a vote. Given all that’s going on, the bookies are offering 11/1 on that happening. You can bet on Boris Johnson hating that. Those aren’t long odds on UK politics. Even worse for him, they’re offering 6/4 on his departing No.10 in 2021. This fits with a well-established pattern. The Tories are looking to dump Boris. That’s why Rishi Sunak leads the odds on the next British Prime Minister at 5/2.  

Bet On Boris Johnson Leaving No.10

  • 2020 – 13/2
  • 2021 – 6/4
  • 2022 – 13/2
  • 2023 – 33/5
  • 2024 Or Later – 5/4

They’ve done this before. Several times. The Conservatives ditch a leader hoping they’ll carry the can away with them. It never works, but they keep on trying it. Don’t bet on Boris Johnson leading the party’s next election at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. He won’t. The backbenchers might not balk at his broken approach to Brexit, but bullying? Most of them went to Public School. They were bullied. By people like Boris and Priti Patel. They will remember.   

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We look at why a bet on Boris Johnson to be thrown over the side by the Conservative Party before the next election might be an earner.

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