Bad LCS Predictions By Phreak – Don’t Bet With His Opinion

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Bad LCS Predictions By Phreak

If you are new to video games and esports betting. Then you probably think that the best predictions are made by the game developers. Therefore, we are here to prove this conception wrong by presenting you with the bad LCS predictions by Phreak. He is one of the riot games staff, and he’s been known for making bad assumptions about the professional scene a lot of times. Before proceeding to read this article, please check out another called A Beginner’s Guide to Bet on League of Legends. So you understand everything about betting in LOL if you haven’t already. Therefore, let’s check out Phreak’s bold assumptions made on one of the Best esports to bet on. Because LOL is one of the main esports items on the online sportsbook sites in the US.

Who is Phreak?

David Turley or better known as Phreak is one of the most enthusiastic Riot Games employees. Despite the bad LCS predictions by Phreak, he is still one of the most iconic figures in the video game industry. Not because he is an innovator, but because of how flexible he is to contribute to the community. He is working as an official caster. This means that he is responsible for the media of the company, and he is also a commentator on professional matches. His main job focuses on Champion Spotlights and Patch Reviews. Previously a pro-Warcraft III player. If you are a veteran player, you might remember the meme about “Tons of Damage” which is his catchphrase ever since Season 1. But he is much more than just an employee. He has been one of the moving figures in the game’s community.

Bad LCS Predictions By Phreak

According to Inven Global, there were at least five bad LCS predictions by Phreak to mention. Therefore, he isn’t the best person to follow if you want to place bets on League. One of his worst predictions is the LOL LCS 2022 Odds. He placed Cloud9 in fourth place of the North American group, which was wrong. At the moment, C9 is racing for the top 1 NA team title with Team Liquid.

Therefore, his other bad statements are just endorsing the fact that his opinions are terrible this year. He claimed that Evil Geniuses will become a top NA team for early domination. Which then ended up with EG racing for sixth place in the end. He also said that Cloud 9 is going to miss out on the World Championship. This statement was just ridiculous. Because C9 is in a solid top 1 placement.

The Tyler 1 Case

According to Dot Esports, there was a funny case involving Riot Phreak and one of the most infamous LOL streamers called Tyler1. A run-down on who Tyler 1 is. He used to be known as the most toxic streamer of the game. He was constantly throwing matches to piss people off, he was shouting a lot and flaming his teammates. In one of the games, he was in the same match as Riot Games’ Phreak, and he kept insulting him and showing bad manners. After that match, Riot Phreak decided to ban Tyler1 from the game. Therefore, the worst of bad LCS predictions by Phreak was made when Riot Games announced that Tyler1 is banned from the game forever. Because after an account is permabanned, a player may open a new legal account. They banned Tyler from making a new account. Therefore the company constantly hunting down his registrations.

Don’t Follow The Bad LCS Predictions By Phreak

The case mentioned above ended up becoming one of the nastiest out of all bad LCS predictions by Phreak. Because Tyler1’s ban ended up with him having a rematch one year later with Riot Games Phreak.

But not in a simple League match, but one of the official Riot Games community tournaments. The streamer was improving on his attitude. This resulted in the company giving him an official invitation. Therefore, you shouldn’t follow the bad LCS predictions by Phreak, if you wish to win your esport bets.

The Most Famous Riot Games Employee

According to Rift Herald, Phreak was introduced as a cameo in the famous Simpsons episode about professional esports. Therefore, despite the bad LCS predictions by Phreak, he is still one of the most famous and important community members. You shouldn’t judge the person for his bold assumptions. Therefore, just try to not make impulsive bets based on his tweets or podcast statements. As much of an experienced veteran he is, he makes impulsive statements. However, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t admitting his mistakes. He usually writes a tweet about it to admit to his mistake when he makes one.

Concluding The Bad LCS Predictions By Phreak

In conclusion, the bad LCS predictions by Phreak are not taking away from the value he is giving to the company. However, if you are a sportsbook bettor, then you shouldn’t listen to him either. He is one of the best voices when it comes to learning new champions, or when you want to be a part of the great LOL community. But as a bettor, you should listen to professional bettors, and not the Riot Games staff.

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Where To Bet On LOL

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