BAFTA TV 2020 Odds and Predictions

  • BAFTA TV Awards are the most prestigious TV awards in Britain
  • The Crown and Chernobyl are dominating in their categories
BAFTA 2020 Odds and Predictions
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It can be said without a doubt that 2020 wasn’t a good year for the entertainment industry. Although a lot of movie shooting and release dates were shifted, TV production seems to stay afloat. And since there were lots of great British series this year, it’s time to check BAFTA TV 2020 odds and predictions. 

BAFTA TV 2020 Odds and Predictions – What is BAFTA?

BAFTA TV awards or British Academy Television Awards are the most prestigious TV awards in Britain. Just like the Academy Award, the BAFTA ceremony is conducted annually – this year, the event takes place on July, 31. Overall, TV series compete in 22 different categories. However, today, we are going to talk about 3 main nominations – Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Drama Series. Online betting sites in the UK have already estimated the odds, so let’s find out the best picks of the 66th BAFTA TV awards edition.

BAFTA TV 2020 odds and predictions – Best Actor

Everyone has probably heard about the HBO’s Chernobyl series and Jared Harris seems to be the red hot favorite. Harris has already played a lot of real people – from Henry VIII to John Lenon. This time, the actor appears as the Soviet scientist Valery Legasov, who played a key role in averting a catastrophe. According to Betway Sportsbook, Jared Harris has 1/4 odds of winning. If you prefer to play it safe, feel free to bet on Jared Harris getting the Best Actor nomination.

BAFTA 2020 Odds and Predictions
BAFTA Award – It’s quite weighty for its size – Image via Flickr

Callum Tuner from The Capture, Stephen Graham from The Virtues, and Takehiro Hira from Giri/Haji are also going to compete for the Best Actor award. Based on  Betway Sportsbook’s predictions, Turner is a runner-up with 11/2 odds, while Graham and Hira have 13/2 and 14 chances of winning.

Best Actress – Jodie Comer vs. Samantha Morton

Moving forward to the Best Actress nomination, we can see that Jodie Comer, who won the Best Actress award in 2019, is on the top of the Bafta 2020 odds and predictions list again. Her remarkable performance as Villanelle in Killing Eve gave her solid 4/79 odds. However, it seems that Samantha Morton, featured in I am Kirsty episode of Channel 4 series, won’t give up the award so easily. According to online gambling sites in the UK, Morton has 7/2 odds of winning.

Suranne Jones and Glenda Jackson are also among the other noteworthy contestants. Their roles in Gentleman Jack and Elizabeth is Missing gave them 13/2 and 10 odds of winning.

Best Drama Series

Finally, it’s impossible to leave out BAFTA TV 2020 odds and predictions list without the Best Drama Series nomination. The Crown series, which already won the hearts of people all over the world, is undoubtedly a red-hot favorite. This award-winning show has 1/5 odds, followed by Gentleman Jack with 5 odds and The End of the F***ing World with 10 odds. Right now, The Crown is dominating the Best Drama nomination and it seems unlikely that other series will outrun it. However, we are going to find out the winner only on July, 31.


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