Bally Technologies Partner with Enjoy S.A. in Latin America

Bally Technologies to Launch Conrad Punte del Este Resort & Casino Online Casino as the Uruguayan Market Expands

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Enjoy S.A. could be about to launch an online casino in Uruguay, as they have entered into an agreement with giant casino games and solutions company Bally Technologies. It appears likely that the Latin American company are looking to provide an online platform for their Conrad Punte del Este Resort & Casino on the Uruguayan coast.

The initial plans look likely to include free play casino games on a mobile casino available within the OVO Nightclub & Dayclub, a venue set to be launched this December. The casino company will look to expand the operations in the future, however, as soon as they are able to do so.

Currently, Uruguayan gambling laws prohibit – or rather, do not expressly permit – online gambling throughout most of the country, but this is expected to change in the coming months and years as the whole of Latin America opens itself up to gambling liberalization. Indeed, the region is seen as one of the major growth areas for the industry.

Conrad Punte del Este Resort & Casino general manager, Juan Eduardo Garcia, commented on the move, saying: “The online games allow us to maintain good communication with our customers when they return to their countries, which will assist retention and loyalty. Moreover, people who have not visited our facilities may use the platform and, through bonuses to be redeemed for services on the property will be encouraged to travel to Uruguay to experience the resort.”

This is the latest move into Latin America by Bally Technologies, after they were chosen to provide their technology for a casino in Peru. The company are becoming heavily involved in a number of major recent developments, including the online launch in the US, as they seek to confirm their place at the top table of casino technology firms.

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