Barca to continue with the perfect record?: FC Barcelona Lassa-Telekom Veszprem


Posted: October 20, 2016

Updated: October 20, 2016

FC Barcelona Lassa – Telekom Veszprem: a key confidence gaining match for both teams.

Another derby of the sensational group A of the EHF Champions League this year takes us to the Palau Blaugrana: the host FC Barcelona Lassa is receiving “Spanish” Telekom Veszprem, favorite number one for the title in the Champions league this year. However, at the start of the season Veszprem still didn’t show much of its full potential, having two draws in fourth matches. Barca, on the other side is surprisingly still with a clear record: 4 victories out of 4 matches, beside the huge renovation of the team and the constant attempts to integrate all their new young players into their system.

The match will be full of world class players as some of the greatest stars of today such as the veterans Kiril Lazarov, Laszlo Nagy, Victor Tomas, Momir Ilic, Raul Entrerrios will stand one against another providing us with some amazing duels. The tradition is definitely on the side of Barcelona. The Catalans have so far 11 wins against Veszprem’s four in the Champions league. Whether Veszprem will go for a fifth one is something that all of you who bet on sports in EU can place a wager on.

The betting odds for the match

Online sportsbooks in Austria
such as bwin claim Barcelona to be an absolute favorite in the match. They give to the Catalans 1.55 odds for the win, leaving Veszprem behind with high 2.95. The draw between these two teams is evaluated by the Austrian bookies on 8.50. Other sportsbooks such as netBet offer the European derby for betting at the top of their huge handball betting section which also includes most of the European handball Leagues.To the current Spanish champions FC Barcelona Lassa they give a bit higher betting odds of 1.58 for a win, while Telekom Veszprem are estimated on 2.95. The draw is evaluate on 8.25 betting odds.

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