Basic Blackjack Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit – The Top 7


Posted: August 29, 2022

Updated: August 29, 2022

  • Always read the Terms and Conditions
  • Plays to avoid in a game of Blackjack
  • Basic Blackjack mistakes you shouldn’t commit

We have already explained what to do in our guide to winning at blackjack. But this article is dedicated to showing you the basic Blackjack mistakes you shouldn’t commit. Because these plays are the reason why someone is not successful in Blackjack. The game highly depends on luck. But at the same time, there are just plays that aren’t worth it. And sometimes decreasing your losses is a win.

You are not guaranteed to win if you avoid these mistakes. However, you will lose significantly less cash while playing Blackjack. Don’t be satisfied with going with the flow. Because you can only be successful if you stop agreeing to unfair odds. This is why you should treat core rule changes with suspicion. Because if the odds don’t serve you, then they will serve the house. Register at the online casino sites in the US to find fair live casinos.

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1. Never Split 5’s – Basic Blackjack Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit

Never Split 5’s. This is one of the most basic blackjack mistakes you shouldn’t commit. Because you can tell if someone is inexperienced by seeing them splitting their fives. This is just simply not worth it. If you win by either hitting or splitting, then you can half the amount of your profit.

Because splitting 5’s is probably one of the weakest plays you can ever make. Therefore, if you have a pair of fives in your hand, just stay with them. Usually, dealers will try to pressure you into splitting by showing a card that is above 5 but below 10. Therefore, do not give in to the temptation to split, even if the dealer has a 7.

2. Standing On 18 When Dealer Shows 9

If we have an 18, and the dealer shows a nine, we immediately assume that we should keep it. However, the reality is far from that. According to Reddit, this is one of the most basic blackjack mistakes you shouldn’t commit. Because if the dealer shows a 9, chances are that they also have a 10. Therefore, your 18 is never going to win against a 9.

Basic Blackjack Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit
Picture Source: Pixabay

If you lose thanks to this then know that you are among the rare 7% who should have kept the 18. But in 7 out of 10 games, you should split your 18’s when the dealer shows a 9. Because standing on your 18 against a 9 is a rookie mistake. Even if the difference between the two numbers is insanely unlikely. The dealer knows what they are doing to deceive you. 

3. Basic Blackjack Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit In Vegas

Let’s take a break from online live casinos. Because there is one basic blackjack mistake you shouldn’t commit in Las Vegas. According to Tripadvisor, insurance bets are the worst type of scams in land-based casinos. However, online casinos have a chance to be modified so it can legitimately be worth it for the player. Just make sure that you don’t spend more on insurance than what you would win at the table.

Because a $10 insurance bet usually wins 16 times, while it loses 33 times. That means the prices and odds have been fabricated just so the user believes it’s valuable. But the truth is that the house always wins again. However, you can find great insurance offers at Ignition Casino. Because online casinos can innovate this otherwise okay concept.

4. Hitting 2’s When Dealer Has 7

We have told you about the basic blackjack mistakes you shouldn’t commit. Now it’s time to give you a move you should always commit. Because hitting 2’s is the dumbest thing to do. If you have a pair of 2’s, then splitting is the only move that makes sense.

Basic Blackjack Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit
Picture Source: Pixabay

Therefore, when the dealer has a 7, 6, 5, or 4, then always split yours 2’s. Because there is no way that you are going to get any value against these cards. However, if you split your 2’s then chances are that you will receive a winning hand. Ignition Casino is the best place to learn how to play Blackjack.

5. Not Reading Terms And Conditions

Let’s take a break from the basic Blackjack mistakes and talk about the T&C. Yes, we know that everyone keeps talking about the importance of details. However, humans don’t seem to change on this huge mistake. According to USA Today, 91% of people consent to the Terms and Conditions without reading the rules. However, online gambling sites tend to summarize their T&Cs.

Because it is not going to profit them if the smart users have to read 30 pages of business talk. However, it would only take you ten seconds to learn everything you need to know about the specifications of the deal. Therefore, never agree to deals that don’t benefit you or give you 50-50 chances of winning or losing. Furthermore, if you read the T&C-s then using promotions and bonuses will be much easier for you.

6. Never Split 10s – Basic Blackjack Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit

If you are splitting 10s, then please read our Blackjack Strategies for Dummies right now. Because with all respect, you have been doing one of the most basic blackjack mistakes you shouldn’t commit. Therefore, it’s hard to over-explain why you shouldn’t break a hand that is worth 20.

Basic Blackjack Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit
Picture Source: Pixabay

Because in Blackjack, your goal is to get as close to 21 as possible. However, if you split your 10s then the odds are extremely low for you to get a 6. This is why having a score of 20, by having a pair of 10s in your hand is the second-best thing to have. If the dealer beats you, then you cannot do anything about it. Taking the risk to be dealt a 6 is just stupid.

7. Never Play 6:5 over 2:3

It’s time to conclude the basic blackjack mistakes you shouldn’t commit. Therefore, we have saved the most important for last. If a table offers you 6:5, then you should always look for a 2:3 game instead. Because all forms of Blackjack had a 2:3 playout. Therefore, if you played with $100 you received around $170 with the 2:3 odds. However, in Vegas they have elevated this to 6:5, which looks the same as 2:3.

But in reality, you will receive only around $130. Therefore, if you have two tables, then always pick the 2:3. Because playing at 6:5 is already a loss compared to the classic Blackjack rules. Furthermore, we have made a guide about how to play International Blackjack.

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