Basketball Betting Strategy Guide – Bet To Win!


Posted: September 22, 2020

Updated: September 22, 2020

  • Basketball is one of the top games in the world. How to benefit from it?
  • Bet365 Sportsbook has the best odds on many basketball competitions
  • Read our basketball betting guide and start earning money!

A good basketball betting strategy guide is needed for those who follow sports competitions on a regular basis. If you are a big fan of basketball, learn how to earn money from this sports game and where to find the best bets.

Basketball is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports worldwide. According to the latest statistics, it is the third most-watched sport on the planet. With more than 2.5 billion annual views, basketball leaves such titans as tennis and ice hockey behind. No wonder that it is also one of the most bet-on sports at online betting sites, especially in North America. Let’s see what basketball competitions are usually covered at sportsbooks like Bet365 and how to bet on teams to win properly.

Most-watched basketball leagues in the world in 2020

Being one of the most popular sports in the world, basketball has plenty of competitions to follow. From National Basketball Association to the most known local leagues – what to follow at online gambling sites in Canada in 2020?

  • NBA

  • Basketball Champions League

  • Coupe De France

  • Poland PKL

  • ACB League in Spain

  • Winner Basket Cup

  • Estonia Super Cup

  • Club Friendlies

  • Liga Pro

  • Virtual and eBasketball games

Here is just a small part of all basketball leagues available for online betting at the Bet365 Sportsbook. If there is one that raises your interest, check the basketball betting strategy guide to win some money from wagering on your favorite sport.

basketball betting strategy guide
Find the strategy that fits you

Basketball betting strategy guide – how to bet properly?

There are three main tips to remember while betting on basketball competitions. If you aim not only to enjoy the game but to earn money, check them right away.

Firstly, don’t always bet on favorites. This is the golden rule in every sports betting, as well as the most ignored one. Although wagering on the strongest teams seemingly makes sense, they do not win all the time. Like in football, basketball rivalries are sometimes unpredictable, so you have to consider which team plays against your favorites next time. If it tends to win at least 40% of all games, think twice before supporting your beloved team.

Secondly, choose the right sportsbooks. Bet365 is the best choice for betting on basketball as it covers not only the most hyped competitions but also local ones. Don’t you agree that there is a better possibility of knowing about your country’s top teams and their winning chances? In addition, Bet365 Sportsbooks offers plenty of side bets such as a match result, points by halves and quarters, players’ individual results, and many others. Even if you are not too familiar with basketball, betting on Kevin Durant to score will always make sense.

Finally, don’t underestimate side bets. Sometimes, they can be even more profitable than the main ones on a certain team to win. Although the chance to guess a total score is lower than to predict the winner, the winnings you will get make the game worth candles.

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Follow online sportsbooks in Canada to find the best betting odds on various basketball competitions.

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