Bayern Munich 2021 Special Bets – There Are Many Options


Posted: October 5, 2020

Updated: October 5, 2020

  • How many wins and draw will Bayern have this season?
  • The Champions are the best offensive and defensive team in Bundesliga
  • Bet on the number of total points and clean sheets

Bayern Munich 2021 special bets are out as the new season is starting. The Bavarians have always been the best team in Bundesliga in different categories over the past years. The stats predictions for next season indicate that the team will continue this consistent domination. Therefore, make sure not to miss this opportunity and place you bet now!

Bet On the Number of Wins & Draws

Bayern Munich has been dominating the Bundesliga for the past decade. The Bavarians have the best players in their squad, and you would find world-class players in their reserves as well. As a result, the team is able to compete at the highest levels throughout the whole season. They are always the team with the most wins and least losses at the end of every season. For instance, after playing 34 games last season, Bayern Munich won 26 games, drew 4, and lost 4 others.

For the upcoming season, online sportsbook sites in Germany have published their Bayern Munich 2021 special bets. In one of its categories, you can bet on the number of wins and draws the Bavarians will have by the end of the season. At 1xBET Sportsbook, betting odds for Bayern to have over 25 wins are 1.85, while odds for them to win less than 25 are 1.85 as well. Also, betting odds for them to have more than 1 scoreless draw are 2.60, while the odds of them having one or less scoreless draws are 1.44.

Bayern Munich 2021 special bets
Let’s play!

Bayern Munich 2021 special bets

How Many Goals Will Bayern Munich Score & Concede?

To win as many games as Bayern does every season, the team needs to have solid attacking and defensive lineup. Luckily, with a world-class striker such as Lewandowski, Bayern has one of the best attacks in Europe. Since the Polish striker joined in 2014, the team has always scored 80 goals or more in each season of the Bundesliga. In fact, their stats are getting better over the years as the team scored 100 goals by the end of 2019/2020 campaign. The Bayern Munich 2021 special bets and odds for the team to score over or below 96 goals are 1.85. Also, with a solid defense and a goalkeeper with the caliber of Neuer, Bayern does not concede too many goals. By the end of last season, they had the best defense conceding 32 goals only. At 1xBET Sportsbook, odds to concede more or less than 35 goals are 1.85.

Bayern Munich 2021 Special Bets: Number of Points and Clean Sheets

Another category that online sportsbook sites in Germany include in their Bayern Munich 2021 special bets is the number of total points. In the past five seasons, the German champions accumulated 79 points or above in every season. By the end of last season, Bayern accumulated 82 points and won the league by a comfortable margin over Dortmund. At 1xBET Sportsbook, betting odds for Bayern accumulate more than 81 points are 1.85, while odds for them to accumulate less than that are 1.85. Finally, you can bet on how many clean sheet you predict the team will have by the end of next season. Bayern always kept a record of more than 11 clean sheets in the past four seasons, so how will they do next season? Betting odds for them to have more or less than 12 clean sheets are 1.85.

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