Importance of Betting History – Why Should You Keep It?

  • Keeping a betting history is important if you want to win more
  • With Betsafe, you have an opportunity to track your successes
importance of betting history

Have you ever thought about the importance of betting history? If not, it’s time to change the strategy and learn from old mistakes! Let’s check the reasons why going back to your previous bets can help you to improve your winning chances.

Betting on sports is something more than a form of entertainment or a way to earn some cash. If you want to be a professional punter, betting should be treated as a business: calculate the risks, remember past moves, and learn from mistakes to rise. To check whether you are on the right way or not, answer three simple questions:

  1. Do you know how well you performed at online sportsbooks in Germany last month?
  2. Did you win or lose 10 bets ago (or more)?
  3. Do you know how much your profit or loss was last month?

If most or all of your answers are negative, you probably don’t track your betting history. It is not a crime if you consider sports betting as a funny game. However, if your aim is to earn big money from sportsbooks or to become a pro, you have to learn about the importance of betting history.

importance of betting history
Analyze your bets!

Importance of betting history explained

What is betting history? As it is clear from its name, it’s a list of all your previous bets you have made at a particular sportsbook. Usually, every betting site keeps your previous bets. Betsafe Sportsbook even highlights it in the main menu – it only proves how significant it is to track your past winnings or losses. Let’s see why you should do it if you want to succeed in betting.

Learn from your mistakes

The main reason to follow your betting history from on a regular basis is to see the statistics of your winnings and losses. It will help to see how successful you are in sports betting: how much money you lose and win every month, what kinds of sports bring the most profit, etc. Tracking all these nuances is very important as it will show your weak sides. 

Imagine that you make 100 sports bets per month: sixty bets on football you are a fan of and 40 on tennis. As a fan of football, you will obviously spend more money betting on its leagues and championships and win from time to time. Simultaneously, half of your tennis bets are successful. It means that you supposedly waste too much money on football bets, while tennis ones are actually more profitable. It seems obvious but you will never notice it if you don’t track your betting history.

Change a betting strategy

Once you learn about the importance of betting history at online gambling sites in Germany, go through your own and see unsatisfying results, you will change a betting strategy. Trying new betting methods actually helps as well as drawing conclusions about your performance is always useful. It will help punters to improve their weak sides and focus on successful results. We have already mentioned that betting works like a business and here is another comparison. Will you keep on selling product A after learning that your product B is in a bigger demand? No. The same touches upon sports betting: once you see that your tennis bets bring more money, you will change a betting strategy to earn more than usual.

importance of betting history
Play it smart!

What to pay attention to?

The importance of betting history is clear. Let’s now see what to pay attention to while tracking your past betting successes at Betsafe Sportsbook.

  • Date of the bet. We recommend analyzing your betting history at the end of every month to see how it was going during a certain period of time;
  • Type of sports you usually bet. As we have already explained, the most underrated sports can bring you the biggest money – you just have to discover it!
  • The money you wager on sports. It will help to understand whether you have to reduce sums or increase;
  • The number of winnings and losses. As tracking your successes is crucial, you should also count the average of your winnings and losses per month to see progress or regress. 

If your strongest side in betting touches upon neither football nor tennis, check our water polo betting guide! Here you can find the best tips on how to bet on this popular kind of sport.

You can discover more about Betsafe Sportsbook here.

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