Beat the Bingo Blues: Make the Most of Your Deposit and Win More Often

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It may be an old favorite, but bingo has gone through something of a renaissance recently. Thanks to internet gambling, more players than ever before are marking their virtual bingo cards, but how can you maximize your winnings?

Now, bingo may be a game of chance, but so is casino blackjack! That doesn’t stop thousands of people trying their hands at counting cards every year, so why should it stop you from winning big at bingo?

Of course, there is a slightly different strategy when you’re playing online bingo in the UK to heading down to the local bingo hall, but the main principles are the same. So here are 4 great tips on making the most out of your deposit and beating those bingo blues! Look out for a bonus tip, too!

Avoid the huge jackpot games

Biggest Ever Online Bingo Jackpots

• John Orchard from the UK won GBP 5.9 Million in 2012

• Beat the old record of GBP 5.1 Million won by Greek player, Georgios, in 2009

• Old British record win was GBP 1.2 Million back in 2008

It can be sorely tempting to head on over to the site with the biggest prize on offer. That cool GBP 100,000 looks so tempting, especially when a bingo card costs as little as one solitary quid.

Hundreds of other people will have had that self same idea, though. What do you think is better: playing against 3 other players and a cocker spaniel, or against 300 other players? It’s not as if the cocker spaniel will stand much chance anyway…

Indeed, not only is it a good idea to avoid the big giveaways, but to avoid all the most popular games. While the potential winnings are far smaller, your chances of winning are much, much higher. The cost of entry is also, generally, lower, too.

Yet this strategy will only work well if you play it alongside another great, winning strategy…

Play with multiple cards

Unlike bingo halls, many online bingo games in the UK don’t require you to actually mark your card. Instead, the computer does it for you, leaving you free to chat with your fellow players. Again, unlike bingo halls, this is actively encouraged and friendships develop quickly in an online community.

In fact, this is seen as one of the big plus points for internet bingo, with the social side taking centre stage. Yet there is another benefit, too.

As you don’t have to actively listen out for each number, there isn’t a limit to how many cards you can manage at once! So playing with 20 different bingo cards is a real possibility, and one that can up your chances considerably.

What’s even better, when you play in a small room – of, say, 10 players – with multiple cards, your chances can be excellent. In fact, you can even have more cards than everyone else put together if you’re lucky!

That’s probably not going to be the best value for money, though. If a card cost 10p and the prize was only GBP 2, then it’s not worth buying 20 bingo cards! It’s all about managing your odds, just like in the top casino strategies.

Socialize, but don’t be distracted

While the social side of online bingo is such a great feature, it also has a downside. Just like when you’re sucked into that Facebook chat and forget how long the dinner’s been in the oven for, bingo chat can make you forget just where in the game you are.

Not a problem? Well, while many bingo sites automatically fill out your card for you, some still don’t. So, to tie in with the previous two pointers, it’s important to pick the right bingo hall for you.

If you think you can stay attentive for longer than your opponents and even distract them to boost your own odds, then pick a site that isn’t automated. If, however, you find yourself drifting off, then picking an automated site is probably the right choice.

Also, combining this with picking a larger number of cards: you cannot pay attention to more than at most 8 cards at once in the 10 seconds or so you have to mark them. So if you want to play with lots of cards to boost your chances, look out for the sites that automatically fill in your card.

Don’t play at the online slots

Most online bingo sites don’t just offer bingo nowadays, though. You can find a whole host of other games to play, including wide ranges of online slots. They’re brash, often attractive games, but they’re also not particularly good value for money…

While they are random, you can end up sinking a lot of cash into an online or mobile slot before you see any worthwhile return. If anything, they’re like the big jackpot games we mentioned earlier. They’re great fun, but for maximizing your deposit, they’re not the best value.

So there we have it: four great tips for making the most out of your deposit. Sure, it may not be the most glamorous way of gambling, but it’s a sure fire way to bring in a few extra quid, even if you do miss out on the big, big jackpots.

Ahh, but what about that secret tip we mentioned before? Don’t think we forgot about you. No, there is one more thing to look out for, and it applies equally to online and offline bingo. It may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how often people forget about it…

Don’t pick two cards that are the same. You want to increase your odds, and all you’re doing by having two identical cards is increasing the chances of everyone else!

Remember though: have fun! No matter how much you win or lose, having fun is the most important thing.

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