Belgian GP Winner Odds: Can Anyone Stop Hamilton?


Posted: August 26, 2020

Updated: August 26, 2020

  • Formula 1 will continue with the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend
  • Lewis Hamilton is leading the championship and is the favorite to win again
  • Last year’s winner Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has a tiny chance of winning

This weekend Formula 1 fans can follow their favorites in one of the most famous rinks, in Spa-Francorchamps on the next race of the season.  Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is leading the championship as usual ahead of Max Verstappen and teammate Valteri Bottas. He is the favorite in the Belgian GP winner odds as well even though Ferrari managed to win here in the last two years. 

The first non-championship Grand Prix was held here back in 1924. Spa also hosted a race in the first Formula 1 season in 1950.  The original triangle-shaped track  was rebuilt in 1979, but it is still the longest one with its 7004km. Thanks to the long straights and fast corners it is loved by the drivers and fans as well. We can usually watch a great and exciting race here especially in rainy weather. Michael Schumacher got the most, 6 victories ahead of Ayrton Senna’s 5 triumphs. But Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel could also win here three times. Charles Leclerc won the race last year, but it seems unlikely that he can repeat his success now. 

Belgian GP winner odds predict Hamilton’s 5th victory of the season

Lewis Hamilton is driving confidently again this season and has won four races out of six already. He is leading the championship 37 points ahead of Max Verstappen, who is following him in 2nd place. His teammate, Valteri Bottas is in third place, despite his great start of the season. Online sportsbooks in Belgium are offering the odds of 1.44 for the British driver’s victory. Who can actually match Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of the most Grand Prix wins of 91 if he wins the next three races. Surely it will give an extra motivation to the six-time world champion who is on route to win his seventh title. 

Belgian GP winner odds
Let’s race!

Neutral fans’ biggest hope seems to be Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. As he is the only driver so far this year who could compete and even beat Mercedes.  He won the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix in Silverstone with a brilliant driving and finished 4 more times on the podium. After last year’s race when the Dutch was out in the first lap, surely he will try to finish in a much better position this time. His odds to win the race is 5.00 on bet365. 

Bottas and the rest of the field

Online gambling sites in Belgium are mentioning the other Mercedes driver, Valteri Bottas as the most likely person to be faster than Hamilton. The Finnish started this season with a win in Austria, but in the next few races he didn’t have the same pace as his teammate. And luck wasn’t with Bottas either when he suffered a puncture with three laps to go in the British GP. At the same time Hamilton was able to win the race with a puncture in the last lap. Spa might not be the favorite track of Bottas but he has to try to finish ahead of Hamilton if he still wants to stay in the race for the world title. He has the odds of 4.50 at Bet365 to finish on top again. 

Probably even the most fanatic Ferrari fans don’t believe in a Ferrari success following their poor performance this year. Sebastian Vettel doesn’t enjoy driving for the Italian team anymore after he was kicked out from next year’s team. Charles Leclerc is a very talented driver but even he can’t make miracles with this car.  He has the odds of 81.00 to win the race with drivers like Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll having better chances of winning. 

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