Best 2019 Malta EU Elections Odds Suggest Labour to Win Most Seats


Posted: May 3, 2019

Updated: November 17, 2021

  • EP projections expect Labour to win 4 seats while National Party 2
  • National Party hopes to win most seats by focusing on immigration
  • Labour won comfortably in 2004 and 2009

Maltese are heading to the ballots on May 25 to elect six MEPs in European Parliament Elections. Malta has had a typical two-horse race (Labour and National Party) since the island joined EU in 2004. The best 2019 Malta EU Elections odds favour Labour to win about 4 seats. Whereas, the National Party are projected to drop to two seats.

According to online sportsbook news in Malta, the forthcoming EU elections are the most attractive in the island. About 71 percent of Maltese will likely vote. The priority talking points to determine Maltese voting attitudes are immigration and combating Climate Change. However, this time the voters will be required to mark six names on the ballot sheet out of 41 candidates. This is the longest ballot sheet ever to be presented in the island.

Labour have 14 candidates while National Party fielded 10. Best 2019 Malta EU Elections odds favour Labour to pick up most seats with a value of 1.20 at 22BET Sportsbook. However, should Maltese buy into anti-immigration rhetoric, National Party might win the majority of the votes with 4.32.

What do EP projections say?

According to latest predictions released by the European Parliament, the Labour Party (PL) expects to win four out of Malta’s six seats. On the other hand, the National Party (PN) might drop from 3 seats in 2014 to two seats in the forthcoming election.

At the European level, PL’s political family, the Socialists and Democrats is projected to capture 149 seats, 37 fewer than what it currently holds. Likewise, the PN’s political family, the European People’s Party is projected to win 180 seats, 37 less than its current strength.

National Party focuses on immigration to win most seats

The National Party has been represented by Roberta Metsola for almost six years. Metsola is a lawyer and one of Malta’s first female members of the European Parliament. Her campaign focuses on giving more attention to immigration, hoping to win more votes. According to NewsBook, 72 percent of the Maltese are concerned with immigration. So should they buy into Metsola’s campaign, National Party might surprisingly win most seats with 4.32 odds.

Best 2019 Malta EU Elections Odds
Roberta Metsola hopes to keep her hard-earnt seat.

Labour is the dominant party since 2004

Labour is the leading party in Malta, winning comfortably first two elections held for MEPs in 2004 and 2009. Yet, in 2014 Labour had to split the seats with the National Party, 3 for each. Online sportsbook sites in Malta expect Labour to take back control this time, with 1.20 odds. Labour campaign is led by the former journalist Miriam Dalli. Her campaign focuses on taxation, the education system, innovation, and irregular migration.

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