Kevin Martin Joining PartyPoker Team Online

  • Partypoker is turning towards sponsoring streamers
  • Kevin Martin is joining the Team Online
Kevin Martin Joining PartyPoker Team Online

partypoker is recently focusing on the streaming community. Recently, the site has announced plans for producing world-class live streaming. Focusing on a variety of poker topics, partypoker aims to make up for the lost time. Also, it means they are providing daily content and entertainment via Twitch. 

An awesome group is gathering on Twitch

Sponsoring streamers will have a huge emphasis on partypoker. Given that, the company makes sure to put together an elite team and gather viewers and stream solid content. As a matter of fact, Twitch is the ground which brings people together at lightspeed.

The dedicated streamer, Matt Staples is already on board of the online poker room. As recently announced, Kevin Martin also joins the team, being the sixth player from Canada. The fellow countrymen are:

  • Matt & Jaime Staples
  • Patrick Tardif
  • Travis Darroch
  • Ryan Schoonbaert

KevinMartin is the latest team member of the partypoker crew

In fact, Martin became a celebrity in Canada after winning the Big Brother reality TV show as a returnee. Having an unusual background, the former radio presenter took up professional poker in 2014. As a result, the committed streamer on Twitch has been improving his poker game spectacularly.

After all, his 80,000+ followers find Martin entertaining and inspirational. Certainly, he will attract a lot of attention to the poker table decorated with the partypoker logo. Online poker sites in Canada find that Kevin Martin brings energy to the poker table.

Besides the new stream of guys, the Team Online has international members as well, like:

  • Australian Hristivoje Pavlovic aka ALLinPav
  • Venezuelan/German Alan Widmann
  • Canadian Courtney Gee
  • Dutch Steven Kok
  • Polish Monika Zukowicz

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