The Best 2020 Election Odds Kamala Harris Gets See Her Rise

With the mid-term elections approaching, Brett Kavanaugh still hitting the headlines for his love of beer and Donald Trump displaying all the diplomatic skill of a hungry tiger in a school yard it becomes quite easy to excuse Americans looking forward ahead to the next Presidential election when they might be rid of the fat orange fool and in the 2020 election odds Kamala Harris is looking like the big rival at Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States.

2020 Election Odds Kamala Harris

“It’s a scary time for young men in America.” Said the President without a trace of irony as questions continue to swirl over his nominee for the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh who has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct and is currently being investigated by the FBI. But was forced to admit “I don’t think you should lie to Congress.” Which may be just what Kavanaugh has done and with that those 2020 election odds Kamala Harris is getting make sense.

At sites like Bovada the 2020 election odds Kamala Harris is currently getting sit at about 8/1 and whilst those are certainly benefiting from Trump’s public defense of the indefensible it still puts her head and shoulders ahead of Elizabeth Warren on 10/1, Bernie Sanders on 12/1 or the next nearest Republican candidate Mike Pence who also gets 12/1 despite being but a heartbeat from power already under a president of the US gambling laws of nutrition don’t really apply to him.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Trump Replaces NAFTA But Keeps Kavanaugh

Of course Trump doesn’t believe any laws apply to him, least of all those that pertain to common decency, and the 2020 election odds Kamala Harris is currently garnering are put a little in perspective by the horrific knowledge that Trump himself is getting 6/4 on sites like Bovada, and there’s more than a fair few commentators and pundits out there who’ll tell you he’s going to win and remain in power, the ghastly electoral college still making a mockery out of US democracy.

The replacing of NAFTA with the United-States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will have appeared a great triumph to some in red states the Democrats will need to win if they want to stand a chance of turning the 2020 election odds Kamala Harris is enjoying into a real victory at the polls, and if you like to bet on sports in the US at sites like Bovada you’ll quickly recognize this as being the sort of capital Trump can exploit far louder than Harris can sense.

In 2020 Election Odds Kamala Harris Gets 8/1 At Bet365

This is why Trump can be so brazen. The vengeful red state populations will follow him to the very gates of hell rather than vote for the ironically long demonized Democrats and he knows it. “It’s a great deal for all three countries, solves so many deficiencies and mistakes in NAFTA.” He tweeted, in what may transpire to be a piece of bravura propaganda in keeping with his character and one from which the 2020 election odds Kamala Harris now gets may not recover.

Presidential Election 2020

  • Michael Bloomberg – 20/1
  • Beto O’Rourke – 18/1
  • Cory Booker – 16/1
  • Joe Biden – 16/1
  • Mike Pence – 12/1
  • Bernie Sanders – 12/1
  • Elizabeth Warren – 10/1
  • Kamala Harris – 8/1
  • Donald Trump – 6/4

The 2020 election odds Kamala Harris gets are thus an indicator that whilst the Democrats carry every advantage among voters they are burdened by having to fight a system weighted against them by voter suppression and gerrymandering. Indeed if you’re in the US gambling news reports about Trump’s insanity, Kavanaugh’s drinking or the NAFTA replacement makes the 2020 election odds Kamala Harris is getting look too long, think again, the pitch is far from level.

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