The Best Browser for Online Gambling: Opera with Free VPN


Posted: September 28, 2016

Updated: September 28, 2016

After a big overhaul and numerous added features, the 7th most used web browser, Opera, has huge potential to become the best browser for online gambling. Read our test and follow the simple steps to set up Opera for iGaming.

Google Chrome’s popularity appears to be unbeatable when it comes to surfing the web. The search giant’s browser is easy-to-use and extremely versatile, especially when it comes to extensions such as proxies, VPNs and ad-blockers. On one hand, the option for extensions is a blessing for millions. On the other hand, some of the add-ons can eat up the memory, slow down your computer and – consequently – affect the battery life.

The mentioned problems could be easily avoided with a browser that comes with all the important and widely used features built-in. The developers of Opera, the 7th most popular browser, have discovered this hole on the market and used it for their own and their users’ benefit. September 19 was the release date of Opera 40, the first major browser with built-in VPN service. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, an effective way to change your virtual location for higher security and somewhat anonymous browsing.

An early Christmas present for online gamblers

So why is this big news for online gamblers? It’s a well-known fact that many gamblers try with proxy servers and VPNs to access blocked gambling sites. Is it legal to gamble on VPNs? The answer is a bit complicated. Some countries don’t punish citizens for gambling online, yet, they block unlicensed gambling sites. Sometimes, even immensely popular betting sites, such as Bet365, get blocked. In such cases, players turn to VPNs in order to access their favorite, trusted gambling site. However, before doing so, it’s important to check out the laws in force.

What is a free VPN?
VPN services allow you to access geographically blocked content.

With Opera’s innovation, the struggle is over. The hunt for a working, third-party VPN extension is a thing of the past. Just download Opera, follow the steps below and the browser will create a secure connection to Opera’s five server locations around the world, automatically or based on your preference. Opera’s “free browser VPN secures all traffic through” the browser. It couldn’t get easier and safer to access your favorite sites.

Why is Opera the best browser for online gambling?

At this point, we can announce that Opera is the best browser for online gambling. The built-in VPN is perfect for online gamers who have harder time to visit and play at their favorite online casinos. Also, since it’s a native feature, it saves us from pop-ups and annoying “upgrade” messages created by extensions. Also, the new Opera comes with a native ad-blocker and battery saver mode, which are elementary features to a huge number of users. The free VPN is easy to use, it takes only one, maximum two clicks to switch in on or off, or change location. You should definitely give Opera a try!

Set up the VPN of Opera for Gambling

Don’t freak out if you don’t see the VPN button immediately. In order for the VPN option to appear first you have to set it up in the Opera settings. Follow the below steps to see and change the virtual location settings in Opera.

Opera Menu -> Settings -> Privacy & security ->VPN -> Enable VPN

or follow the red arrow to set up Opera for online gambling:

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