New Hungarian Football Stadiums are Miraculous


Posted: September 28, 2016

Updated: December 11, 2019

MTK Budapest has proudly announced that the list of new Hungarian football stadiums has been increased once again. What’s your opinion about this wonderful creature?

MTK Budapest exists since 1888. It is the very first Hungarian football team. They used to live better days as a football club. That’s mainly because they used to be actually quite successful. However, they have become an insignificant team even in the measures of Hungarian football. Their most important activity in the past few years was developing talented youngsters and they have been doing an okay job in that sense according to online betting news in Hungary.

Yet thanks to the Hungarian prime minister’s football stadium mania, the team received a brand new stadium. Building up this miracle cost around 6 billion Hungarian Forints, which is more or less 20 million Euros. Three “organizations” financed this project: the first one was the club, MTK Budapest, obviously.

The second one was MLSZ, the Hungarian Football Association. The third one, you wouldn’t guess: the Hungarian state, well, the government itself. So they spent tax payers money to give a new stadium to an insignificant football team in a poor Eastern European country. Nobody asked tax payers if they wanted to give their money to MTK or not. They just did it. However, their opinion does matter when the administration wants to use them as a tool against the EU in the middle of a migrant crisis. This topic doesn’t deserve another comment really.

The prime minister’s hometown village also received a stadium, ’cause why not?

This is not the first and most probably not the last questionable decision made by the Hungarian administration. Unfortunately, they not only make weird decisions when it comes to football, but let’s stick to this topic. Viktor Orbán, prime minister of Hungary, was born in a tiny village named Felcsút.

This village has a population of 1,700. The football team in the tiny village has shown some remarkable improvements since 2010. Well, since the prime minister has been ruling Hungary. And ever since tax payers’ money has been poured into this fabricated village team called Puskás Ferenc Labdarúgó Akadémia, which names suggests it’s a team for talented Hungarian youngsters, yet the team was full of above-30 foreigners.

Because of their performances last season, PFLA has relegated to the second division for this season. However, during their best years, they also got a new Hungarian football stadium. The village, which has a population of 1,700 inhabitants, received a stadium which has a total capacity of 3,500.

According to statistics from last season, Pancho Aréna had around 1,000 spectators on average. That’s around 30% of the total capacity. If you wanted to bet on sports in Hungary, or do some “online sportfogadás”, as the Hungarian would say, you should put your money on this number to be less and less by the end of the season… Because these statistics are from when they played against the best Hungarian teams, and now they are only in the second division.

Not all new Hungarian football stadiums are so horrible…

The state has poured money not only into insignificant football clubs, but into the best ones as well. Those are the likes of Ferencvárosi TC and Debreceni VSC. These two also received a new football stadium in Hungary, mostly out of public money. Tax payers of course weren’t too happy that no one asked them about their very own money. Do they, or do they not want their money to build a hopeless dream some name “Hungarian football”?

Despite the fact that so much many has been given to these football clubs in Hungary, online sportsbooks would still regard them as underdogs even in Europa League Qualifiers, not to mention Champions League. In fact, all Hungarian football teams lost in early stages of the European continental tournaments’ qualifiers. They had no chance to a memorable performance. Hungarian champions Fradi were, for example, knocked out by the Albanian Superliga’s runner-up, Partizani Tirana.

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