Best EURO Playoff Matches in Recent Years

best EURO Playoff matches Portugal v Bosnia

GamingZion aimed to collect some of the best EURO Playoff matched from the previous years in order to introduce what can be expected from the upcoming international football games.

GamingZion expects exciting encounters for the upcoming EURO Playoffs which will decide which teams will be able to represent their countries in France at the Euro 2016 and which sides will have to stay home. Online gambling sites in the EU expect great spectacles from the upcoming games and hence we aimed to collect the best EURO Playoff matches from the previous years in order to find out what kind of excitement we can expect from the next few days.

Portugal vs Bosnia 6-2

After a boring goalless draw in Bosnia, Portugal was going to host Bosnia in 2011 in hopes of qualifying for the Euro 2012. After the 0-0, football enthusiasts hope to see a far better game than that one, but what they received have exceeded all expectations towards the encounter! Cristiano Ronaldo took the lead for Portugal only after 8 minutes, and Nani seemed to have closed down the game in the 24th minute, changing the score to 2-0 for the hosting team. However, the first half is not over here: Bosnia is given a penalty in the 41th minutes which Misomivoc scores and brings back Bosnian hopes. 2-1 is the half time result.

Sorry about the long highlights, there were just too many goals

The second half starts the same way as the first one: the half has been played for exactly 8 minutes when Cristiano Ronaldo puts the ball in the net. Spahic resurrects Bosnia’s dreams once again, scored in the 65th minute and coming back to 1 goal. At this point, internet betting sites truly believed in Bosnian qualification since a 3-3 draw would have meant glory for Bosnia Herzegovina, but their one goal never arrived. Quite the contrary, in the remaining time, HélderPostiga scored twice, once in the 72th and again exactly ten minutes later, while Miguel Veloso also scored a goal in the 80th minute. Portugal trashed Bosnia.

Turkey – Latvia 2-2

The Turkey – Latvia Euro Playoff match seemed to be the most obvious one of all. Turkey were clear favourites at most online sportsbooks since Latvia has never even participated in a continental tournament before, while Turkey arrived in great form as they performed well on the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan. Despite all expectations, Latvia won the first game by 1-0 due to an early goal by Verpakovskis.

Ugghhh.. That’s gotta hurt, Turkey

However, as expected by most online sportsbooks in the EU, Turkey took the lead on home field in the 20th minute thanks to Mansiz’s strike. The first half ended with the 1-0 result and for long, nothing really happened. Then arrived the 64th minute and HakanSükür doubled Turkey’s advantage, making everyone believe that Latvia are out of the competition. A great time like Turkey cannot lose from a winning position like this. But these beliefs were alive for only 2 minutes as Laizans’s goal changed the result to 2-1, meaning qualification place for Latvia. In addition, Verpakovskis scored in the 78th minute, equalizing the game and making sure the first continental participation for his country.

Spectacular Playoff Clashes are Expected for Euro 2016

Norway HUNGARY Sweden Denmark

These are just a few of the many exciting Playoff games that will take place in the next few days. Norway takes on Hungary on 12th and 15th November where the Scandinavian side are regarded as favourites, but the Hungarian team will fight till the end to participate in a European Championship again after 1972, when they reached the semi-finals and finished 4th.

Not only Norway, but the two other Scandinavian teams also participate in the EURO Playoffs: Sweden will take on Denmark in a historic battle. The last remaining matches will be the Bosnia vs Ireland and the Ukraine vs Slovenia matches, where Bosnia and Ukraine are tight favourites to qualify.

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