Best Gambling Comedies: What to Watch This Weekend?

  • Two themes that will never cease to excite filmmakers coincide with the two main causes of crime: love and money
  • This article presents a selection of the best gambling comedies ever
  • Here you will find everything from Hollywood classics to modern films
Best Gambling Comedies

Two themes that will never cease to excite filmmakers coincide with the two main causes of crime: love and money. Money is more interesting. Сriminals rob a bank, corrupt officials receive bribes, treasure hunters are looking for gold – all this, of course, is good. However, it does not look as impressive on the screen as winning in a gambling game. This is what excites most of us! But what if we can combine this excitement with laughter? This article presents a selection of the best gambling comedies. Here you will find everything from Hollywood classics, which have not yet been covered with dust, to modern films that remind you that our life is still a game.

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Maverick (1994)

Professional player Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) travels to the big poker tournament, collecting money from his debtors along the way to make the necessary contribution. Along with the money, he grabs a pretty gambler (Jodie Foster), an old sheriff (James Garner), and a gang pursuit. Richard Donner, who has played enough with Gibson in Lethal Weapon (by the way, in Maverick there is a cameo by Danny Glover), reveals the comedic side of the artist. However, he does not forget to give him a gun, with which Gibson, of course, looks more organic than with a deck of cards. 

The picture cheerfully deconstructs the clichés of the western on the list. According to Gibson, his usual depression is not visible here. Foster shoots eyes delightfully. Garner, who played the character of Maverick in the classic 1950-1960 series, has a good old-fashioned style. The stagecoaches are flying off the cliff, the Indians are doing business. Interestingly, the poker in this daring show is serious. Even the pros who visit online gambling sites in the USA will approve. This is one of the best gambling comedies. Also, you can read about Artists Who Were Inspired by Gambling in our article.

Best gambling comedies: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

This is a movie we will always love Guy Ritchie for. Here, four friends saved up money so that one of them, Eddie (Nick Moran), could play poker with Harry the Ax. The result is a minus half a million pounds and a week to get them back. Eddie, Fat Tom (Jason Fleming), Bacon (Jason Statham), and Soap (Dexter Fletcher) roam the waves of London crime. Someday, someone smart will write a book about why some daring ventures fail, while others make creators millionaires. Probably, for the same reason why some can assemble a royal flush, while others have to return to their native Wisconsin. 


Critics from the very beginning smashed Richie for being secondary and imitating Tarantino, and partly to look at the convulsive flickering of a million single-celled characters, the names of which, most likely, the director’s cat comes up with, tearing the pages of the primer. All these Axes, Soap, and Dry Eyes are unbearable. Objectively, we can only stand Vinnie Jones with his face as an assistant to death. However, we have been rewatching it for so many years, which means that there is something in this film. Maybe we, as Richie’s characters, like to play poker. If it is true for you, visit the Intertops Casino or learn more about The Five Perfect Gambling Movies.

Rat Race (2001)

If Jerry Zucker’s name says anything to you, if you’ve watched Airplanes, Naked Pistols, and Top Secret – this movie is for you! One of the most successful comedy directors in Hollywood turned his gaze to the classics and directed the remake of the film “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”, having selected an equally solid cast. This made the “Rat Race” one of the best gambling comedies. Donald Sinclair, the owner of the most prosperous casino in Las Vegas, decided to play another gambling game to amuse himself and his friends. The difference from “Fort Bayard” is insignificant. The prize amount is not just fifty thousand francs, but a full-weight of two million dollars carefully packed in locker miles from Vegas. Six teams, and only one rule – to be in time first!

There are some more subtleties. Our heroes do not know that the tycoon and his buddies are watching their every move. Therefore, the stakes in this game of millionaires are much higher than the prize due to the contestants. However, what exactly they are entitled to – they learn only after reaching the goal. If you want to feel similar adrenaline, visit online gambling sites in the USA. The excitement is guaranteed!

Best gambling comedies: Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

This is a new chapter about the criminal adventures of Danny Ocean and his team of talented crooks in Las Vegas. Danny Ocean and his team could only have one reason why they were ready to pull off the most ambitious and risky casino robbery in their life – to protect one of their friends. When the ruthless casino owner Willie Bank turns up one of Ocean’s once-eleven friends, Ruben Tishkoff, Danny and his loyal associates have no choice but to band together again to see if they can still break the bank. Let’s see what happens!

And if you are against any robberies, then visit the Intertops Casino where you can play a fair game. Good luck!

What Happens in Vegas (2008)

Indeed, in Las Vegas, you can get married in minutes. After a stormy night, a guy and a girl, seeing each other sober for the first time, find out that they got married yesterday. They would be happy to part, but in Vegas, you can get rich in a matter of minutes. Moreover, this couple unexpectedly wins three million. Now you have to do something with your personal life and pocket money. The judge sentenced them to six months of life together, and they honestly try to turn this life together into hell, so as not to divide three million.

War of the sexes in the spirit of “The War of the Rose”, a man (handsome Ashton Kutcher) pees into the sink with unwashed dishes, a woman (Cameron Diaz is one of Charlie’s Angels) smiles seductively, ready to grab her husband’s hair. Besides, Cameron Diaz admitted that she agreed to this role not out of a desire to take part in a sacred battle with men, but simply she “wanted to have a fun summer.” And if you want to have some fun after watching this film, visit online casinos in the USA. Enjoy your time while making real money!

Best gambling comedies: Hangover (2009)

“Everything that happens in Vegas remains in Vegas. Except for herpes. You bring it from there with you,” his future father-in-law says to the hero before going to the bachelor party. Four very nice young men in their thirties go to Vegas. One of them is getting married, two are old friends, the third is the bride’s brother. In Vegas, guys rent a room for four thousand bucks and have a Jagermeister drink. The next morning they wake up in the smoking ruins of their Megalux, a baby is screaming in the corner, the dentist has no tooth, a tiger is sitting in the bathroom. However, most importantly, there is no groom! And no one remembers anything about what happened at night. Then the quest begins.

They leave the hotel and see that someone is removing a mattress from one of the cornices from their bed. And when they open the trunk of their car, found at a police parking lot, a naked little Chinese man jumps out from there. After all, some of us at least once got drunk to the point of insensibility, woke up in an incomprehensible place without money and documents, did something incredibly shameful and petty. In this movie, it is even more: Chinese mobsters, a church of pink glamor, a whore, a baby, a police car, a tiger, and a real live Mike Tyson. In each new episode, you will feel a mixture of horror, admiration, envy, and shame.

The House (2017)

After Scott (Will Ferrell) and his wife Kate (Amy Poehler) squander money that was saved especially for the admission and education of their daughter Alex in college, they have no choice but to find any available way to get them back. After all, the daughter’s old dream is under threat. Together with their neighbor Frank, the couple decides to organize an underground casino right in the basement of their house. Needless to say, this is at least illegal, and in the event of a raid, they face enormous trouble from the state.

The film “The House” directed by Andrew J. Cohen is one of the best gambling comedies about a couple of losers who find each other and periodically create problems for themselves. This is Cohen’s first directorial work, before that he became known to the viewer thanks to screenplays on films such as “Wedding Frenzy” and both parts of the film “Neighbors on the warpath”. And if you still do not know what to watch, read our article about Five Best Gambling Movies on Netflix.

Besides, you can always visit the Intertops Casino and have real fun. Good luck!

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