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Posted: May 21, 2022

Updated: May 21, 2022

  • Mr. Beast won everything from Ludwig, XQC, and Ninja
  • What does it look like to be kicked out of a casino for card counting?
  • Top 10 best gambling videos on Youtube

There are hundreds of hilarious or interesting videos about different types of gambling. Therefore, we collected the top 10 best gambling videos on Youtube for you to enjoy. Because these are the most viewed original content videos you can find on the internet. Therefore, they are all unique on their own. Some of them are wholesome, and some guide you through the world of online gambling. And some of them are featuring the most popular streamers and content creators of all time. If you wish to participate in the most exciting form of gambling while watching these videos. Then check out our online gambling promotions page.

10. Pro Player Fighting Security

If you think that pro players are all elegant and nice, then you are wrong. Las Vegas casinos can get as spicy and messy as they can get sometimes. Especially when the security is accusing a poker player of cheating or stealing. Therefore, in one of the best gambling videos on Youtube, you’ll get to see how the reality is. What makes this video even better is the old lady who ignores the whole thing like a cool mafioso.

9. Casino Dealer Laughing At Player

The reason why you shouldn’t be anxious about playing on the online gambling sites in the US is that you will be able to play with real people. These employers are often the best company during a good game of luck. Because they can laugh together with you, and they can cheer you up if you are tilted. Therefore, one of the best gambling videos on Youtube is about a live casino dealer who couldn’t hold back laughing at the bad luck of the player.

8. Phil Ivey Winning $20 Million Over Baccarat

Phil Ivey is known to be one of the most professional poker players in the world. Therefore, the best gambling videos on Youtube often show his reactions to his winnings. He decided to try out Baccarat, and it was probably the best decision of his life. Because he won over $20 Million, and his reaction to it is worth a watch.

7. Cheater Caught Live By Hustler – Best Gambling Videos On Youtube

We already reported the case when Hustler banned cheaters live. It is one of the most popular and best gambling videos on Youtube. Because the gambling community took several hours to debate whether he was cheating or not. After the community has proven his cheating with videos, it became a common topic. Even to this day, you can still find relevant comments about how much of a jerk he is. Fortunately, Hustler is not welcoming him back that’s for sure.

6. Phil Hellmuth Losing WSOP Champions

Phil Hellmuth losing the WSOP Champions Tournament is one of the funniest things ever. The video consists of more beeping than talking. He was respectful in the end, but he took his sweet time cursing about losing. According to WSOP, this is the last event of the WSOP series. Therefore, in this match, the WSOP champions of the previous and current years are clashing against each other in a match of the absolute best.

5. A Father Slowly Reveals His Lottery Wins For His Sons – Best Gambling Videos On Youtube

What could be more wholesome than a father showing his love for his children? This guy has won a huge amount of wealth in the lottery. The first thing he did with the money was to spoil his children. However, he was making the reveal slow and playful. Therefore, it is one of the most adorable videos to watch. You can see how happy the whole family is, and how respectful his sons were from the beginning to the end, even without knowing about the money. The father’s slow build-up to the reveal makes this one of the best gambling videos on Youtube.

4. Kicked Out For Counting Cards Documented

You can hear thousands of stories about getting kicked out. counting cards. But what does it look like? Will a well-dressed gambling lord appear with his bodyguards and end you away? Will the police arrive to investigate the game? In reality, it is much different. However, it is equally as annoying and frustrating. Because someone has documented a casino owner trying to restrict a player from counting cards. According to News From Wales, it is easier to win at Blackjack online than it is at live games. If you think this is one of the best gambling videos on Youtube, then probably you are interested in the legal card counting strategies right now.

3. Shan Huang Exposes Sports Betting

Shan Huang is a professional sports bettor who used a mathematical strategy on every single online sports betting website. This strategy made him constantly profit. The moment the sportsbook realizes that this strategy is close to legal cheating, they decide to terminate his account. He is explaining this strategy in his video, and he guides you through the world of professional sports bettors. This video is a must for everyone who is a beginner at placing bets but aspires to become one of the best sports bettors.

2. XQC Winning $1 Million Juicers – Best Gambling Videos On Youtube

The internet blew up due to the XQC gambling stream. And one of the best gambling videos on Youtube features XQC in one way or another. Therefore, the absolute best XQC-related video is when he is winning $1 million “Juicers” with his slots games. The video is entertaining and if you are a fan of him, then this is probably one of the best videos you can see about him recently. If you haven’t heard about him yet, then according to Dot Esports, he was the most viewed streamer of 2021.

1. Hustler’s Twitch Streamer Match – Mr. Beast, XQC, Ninja, Ludwig

And finally, this video is wearing the crown of the best gambling videos on Youtube in 2022. Because this video is featuring everyone’s favorite YouTuber, Mr. Beast. He is playing with other millionaire content creatures such as XQC, Ninja, Ludwig, and additional streaming professional poker players. In this poker match, Mr. Beast wins everyone’s money away like a boss. Therefore, if you enjoy the content of at least one mentioned creator, then you will love this video for sure. If you wish to play like Mr . Beast and XQC played, then visit Juicy Stakes. Because they are delivering an identical experience as they have been to.

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