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XQC Gambling Stream

If you enjoy watching Twitch, then you probably know the name XQC. However, if you haven’t then you might be interested in the latest drama. Because in the large community of professional streamers, sponsor dramas have always been a topic. And when gambling is promoted, let alone fake gambling is promoted, then the fans are going to be upset or concerned. This isn’t the case with XQC. He is known for his love for gambling, however, he has been unlucky lately. Therefore, the XQC gambling stream has resulted in a huge drama and chain reaction of opinions. We are going to explain everything from the beginning to the end. Always play at the certified online gambling sites in the US. Because they are supporting gambling awareness. Furthermore, if you are interested in how this phenomenon started, check out the worst streamer gambling scams in modern history.

XQC Gambling Stream Drama

If you are not familiar with the XQC gambling stream, then we should start with who he is. Felix Lengyel is the most famous streamer on the whole platform at Twitch. Enjoying the title of the richest streamer with the highest follower count. His name is XQC, but his official name is XQCOW. He used to be an Overwatch streamer before he was banned from the Blizzard events due to his suspected bad and toxic behavior. This behavior took away his chances of becoming a professional esports player, however, it kickstarted his massive streaming career. He is a mastermind of media entertainment, and there is no category he hasn’t connected his network with. Therefore, you can find him from video games to opinions, gambling, and even just chatting.

Sponsored XQC Gambling Stream

According to The gamer, XQC has admitted to having issues in the latest Podcast with Pokimane. Where he told Pokimane that he is aware of having an issue. However, the difference between him and other people is the fact that Felix is a multimillionaire.

He loves gambling and he always tries to remind his followers to not follow his example. Because he is just doing it for fun. However, he is not affected by the fact that he is losing millions of dollars. Because he makes content out of it, that generates more millions for him in return. However, this couldn’t work for even other streamers, because this could only be pulled off by the richest. XQC makes sure to warn its viewers to not follow its extreme habits.

XQC Lost Nearly $2 Million

During the interview with Pokimane, XQC revealed that he lost nearly $2 Million in just under one month in gambling. The streamer loves the game of chances, and he is gambling even when he isn’t using real money. For example, in his GTA 5 roleplay stream, he quickly turned the situation into an XQC gambling stream with in-game cash. He loves a game of chance, and it creates a certain hype and excitement in the atmosphere of his viewers. According to Win. GG, his dad called him over the lost $2 million. However, he claims that most of the articles about him are clickbait. Because the majority of the money he lost was lost in an event where streamers sat down together to play poker. Therefore, it was a show to make rich streamers play against each other.

The XQC Gambling Stream Left Fans Upset And Concerned

However, the call with his dad was different from how the news and the fans are representing the problem. He lost around $100k in cash, and his dad simply called him to check up on him. They both ended up laughing at it. The majority of people don’t understand that $100k is nothing for a streamer because they cash out millions of dollars a month.

This is just a popular category right now, and most people are wondering how to become a casino streamer. While Felix is a case of extreme, he can afford it. But many fans believe that if he wasn’t rich, he would have a serious issue. They voiced this over the chat, and many fans threatened to leave the stream unless he is not accepting sponsorship from online casinos.

Felix Speaks Up And Defends Himself

According to Sportskeeda, Felix didn’t leave the topic unanswered. Because he is a down-to-earth person, who is in perfect control of his life. Therefore, he was writing a long rant on his discord that explained his take on the situation. He said the following: “Get a grip of your own life, before fixing mine.” Furthermore, he stated that he loves gambling, and said the following: 

  • “I’m not a hypocrite, I changed perspective and voiced that very clearly over the last months. I’m not here to be a role model, I’m here to have some fun, so I’ll do it until it becomes boring.” – Félix “XQC” Lengyel

In conclusion, XQC is not seeking to become a role model for anyone. He wants to have fun and knows that others enjoy watching him having fun. Therefore, his angry fans couldn’t stop him from having fun with the XQC gambling stream. Nor is he going to continue once he becomes stressed. For now, gambling for him is fun, and the money he lost is not a problem with his insanely high net worth. Once he reaches a point where gambling would become stressful and not fun, he would immediately stop. The fact that he managed to change his lifestyle based on Twitch trends, shows that he is in complete control.

Asmongold About Gambling Streams

Asmongold, one of the most famous and influential Twitch streamers, has spoken up about the XQC gambling stream. Viewers value their opinion more than other streamers. Because he is an analytic person who is voicing logical opinions most of the time. On the other hand, other streamers might talk out of feelings instead of clear-sighted opinions. In early 2022, there was an Asmongold gambling scandal where people accused him of playing Lost Ark as a promoted gambling by the game’s developers. However that wasn’t true, and he explained that he rejected several gambling promotion offers. Another Streamer called Mizkif claims that he rejected a $2 million sponsorship offer. However, Asmongold says that if someone needs the money, they have every right to promote an online gambling service. Because every streamer does whatever they want as long as it isn’t going against Twitch’s guidelines. 

Ludwig Calls For Twitch Ban

The second most influential streamer on Twitch called Ludwig has spoken up about the XQC gambling stream. Right after he read and checked the drama, he called for Twitch to stop and ban every single gambling promotion on the platform. However this might have been a bit too hasty, and at the end of the day, these streams are completely legal. And the target audience for these streams is adults. Therefore, there is nothing unethical involved in the stream. Twitch has created a category for gambling, and as long as people stream under that category, they are fine. XQC has created a new terminology with his gambling games. He keeps chasing the juicers from online slots. Therefore, if you wish to find some real juicers, you should visit Ignition Casino. They are a fair website with a high reputation, supporting gambling awareness. What do you think? Is Felix ethical?

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