Asmongold Gambling Scandal – Dismissed Accusations

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  • Asmongold gambling scandal
Asmongold Gambling Scandal

One of the most famous streamers on Twitch was accused of promoting gambling on his stream. This alone wouldn’t be a problem, however, his viewers were paying for his gambling activity, which isn’t healthy for the community or the fans. We are talking about Asmongold, therefore we know that his intentions are not harmful. However, he was misusing his intentions of entertainment when he accepted the gifts of his fans to participate in Lost Ark’s gigantic pay to win / RNG upgrade system. He can not be blamed for enjoying the game. However, if you enjoy gambling, you are better off visiting the online gambling sites in the US. Because paying for a streamer’s gambling game is a 100% money loss for you. We elaborate on this further as we explain the Asmongold gambling scandal.

The Asmongold Gambling Scandal

The Asmongold gambling scandal is not about shady activities. Instead, it is more about the hasty decisions of an entertainer. Because he was genuinely trying to have fun without worrying, it started to involve his credit cards, and the gifts and impulsive donations of viewers. Asmongold is the mastermind behind one of the most entertaining Twitch Channels, and if you wonder how to become a casino streamer, then you can learn a lot from him. Because his stream has everything the modern demand needs. He is an influencer, and thanks to him western culture started to take interest in eastern video games. Because after he started playing FFIX and Lost Ark, these games increased in popularity by millions. This is why you can bet on Mobile Legends. Because eastern developers are more confident in investing in professional tournaments, knowing that they have a western player base too.

Asmongold Gambling Accusation

The unintentional Asmongold gambling scandal starts with his claims. According to Dexerto, he claims that streamers are nowhere near living the same lifestyle as viewers.

They are buying expensive cars by the salary they receive for one tweet. Therefore, he’d probably agree with the fact that accepting the money of his viewers to gamble in Lost Ark is not the most ethical thing to do. However, the Asmongold gambling accusation isn’t fair either. Because he is one of the most transparent streamers when it comes to real facts. According to Sportskeeda, he was offered $300.000 only to play a game on his stream, and he denied it. It is important to understand that most of these accusations are false because they are mostly just nit-picking on whatever Asmongold is doing. However, indeed, he shouldn’t make such a form of entertainment too regular on his stream.

He Claims He Isn’t Promoting Gambling

According to the Gambling News, Asmongold denies playing Lost Ark to promote gambling. He clearly stated the following during his live stream: 

“There’s a lot of over-seriousness with this kind of stuff. I want to remind everybody this is an entertainment show. / Your respect is misplaced, to begin with. You shouldn’t be looking to Twitch streamers for any sort of morality. / You shouldn’t be looking for an online entertainer to validate your moral views on the world. If you want to complain about something, why don’t you complain to the government, so they make it illegal? / The government is the only one who has any power over this. Influencers have no power over it despite their name. / People will always play the games if they are available. It’s the same reason why people still play slots now.”

From his response, it’s clear that his intention was only to enjoy the game. His viewers are sending him money or gifts because they want him to read up the funny messages adjusted to the in-game letters. In conclusion, the Asmongold gambling scandal didn’t even begin. It was just him accepting gifts that are integrated as a part of his entertainment.

Lost Ark and Asmongold Gambling Scandal

In conclusion, Asmongold isn’t a bad guy. However, by watching a streamer, our brain replicates the same high as if we were participating in the action. Therefore, if viewers are paying for his gambling, they get hooked without knowing it, and they are not having the chance to win anything in exchange for their money. We are not talking about the donations, but rather the impulsive donations for him to spend the money on the spot. While this isn’t an Asmongold gambling scandal, this isn’t healthy for his followers.

Therefore, he should tone down accepting gifts from his fans while playing video games such as Lost Ark. Because the game is pay to win, and is also dependent on random chances.

Therefore, whether it is entertainment or not, it is still gambling, and the viewers can not win anything by participating. Instead, bet on items like the Mythic Jailor Encounter.

This isn’t an Asmongold Gambling Scandal

Considering all of this, this isn’t an Asmongold gambling scandal. However, he is truly entertaining the idea of the viewers spending their money for him to use to gamble. While he is right about not having to be a person to represent morals, on the other hand, most of his viewers are not making quarter as much money as he does. Therefore he should discourage his viewers from flooding him with donations and gifts, just for the sake of gambling. Because the viewers could just gamble for themselves instead, and with that, they’d have a chance to win money. But this isn’t his responsibility at all, and as he said, it is Twitch and the government who should decide whether this is ethical or not. By the current law, he can do this at any given time legally.

Where to Gamble For Yourself

If you enjoy gambling, you should gamble for yourself instead of paying to watch a millionaire gambling with your money in video games. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t blame Asmongold for this. Instead, we recommend you try out Drake Casino. They are one of the best casinos in the United States. If you are newly registering to their websites, you can pick from two welcome bonuses to claim. 300% up to $6000 or 540 Free Spins. This offer is as good as getting Tier 3 in Lost Ark. What do you think? Should Asmongold lower the gambling tone on his stream? 

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