Best Horse Racing Movies For Summer Nights

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Best horse racing movies ever

Horse lovers certainly have their favorite movies, probably ones in which horses steal away the spotlight. In this article, we’ve collected movies worth watching if you like horses. The list includes movies of all genres, so you can even have a movie marathon on a rainy weekend. Let’s check out the list of best horse racing movies.

Secretariat – A Walt Disney Masterpiece

In addition to telling the story of an animal with fantastic abilities, Secretariat shares the struggles and changes his owner goes through. Penny Chenery, Diana Lane, is a typical American housewife who lives in Denver with her husband and four children and spends her days running the household. At the same time, deep inside, she knows she is meant for more than that. However, when her mother dies, fate offers Penny a chance.

When the family travels to Virginia for the burial, she is confronted with the fact that her father, who has been running the family farm until now, is no longer fit for the job. Penny’s husband and brother urge her to sell the farm and the entire horses, but Penny can’t go through with it. Her decision solidifies when it becomes clear that the former trainer wants to ruin her father’s life’s work.

So, Penny makes a big decision and sets out to save the farm. Her decision affects not just her but the entire family, as their home and the estate are hundreds of miles away. The story starts to get interesting when, as a result of a bet, a pregnant mare becomes hers. She knows from the first glance that the foal would be special, and she is right. That is the foundation of the story.

When the Story Starts

They name the red foal Big Red, but as soon as he gets old enough to compete, they give him a new name. Miss Ham, Margo Martindale, Penny’s father’s secretary, suggests the name Secretariat. She had no idea that this name would enter American horse racing history one day. In addition to the serious mood and the drama, the film is full of humorous moments, making the story more realistic. 

Diana Lane is joined by John Malkovich, who plays a slightly eccentric horse trainer. In fact, he is one of the funniest characters in the film. Albeit reluctantly at first, he throws himself into training the horse with enthusiasm. The movie turned out high-profile and captivating, with the perfect balance between the horse and the main characters. We only know about the betting scene from sites like 22Bet, but the movie shows what is behind the sport! Check it out at online sportsbook sites in the US and learn about horse races!

Best Horse Racing Movies – Dreamer

Another great example of the best horse racing movies! Ben Crane, Kurt Russel, has been a horse trainer for a long while when his career starts to fall apart. Although he has done things his own way for many years, this time, he is forced to sign with a horse breeder named Palmer, whose wealth and success, as usual, have turned him a little arrogant. While Ben learns to keep his mouth shut around the boss, one of his favorite horses, Sonador, breaks his leg during an important horse race. 

Palmer insists to put down the horse right away, but Ben doesn’t have the heart to kill the animal, especially since his little daughter, Cale, Dakota Fanning, is also very attached to the horse. Ben and Palmer get into an intense argument. In the end, the owner kicks Ben out but allows him to take Sonador with him. Ben has a hard time waiting to convince everyone around him that the injured horse does have a chance to return. 

Especially his fat Pop, Kris Kristofferson, seems to be a hard nut to crack, with whom they mostly share the same ideas about ​​training horses. However, Cale loves the horse, and Ben also believes that Sonador will be able to return to the racetrack with careful care, so with his two horsemen, Balon and Manolin, he will begin to heal the mare. The movie shows what hard work the horses and trainers put into horse races. Check out the film at online sportsbook sites in the US!

Hidalgo – The Epic Legend

Frank T. Hopkins, and Viggo Mortensen, used to serve in the military. However, he finds joy now in being a circus cowboy, drinking like a fish, and his greatest treasure, Hidalgo, a mustang who is not only stunning but also spirited and hardy. Nothing proves the latter better than the pair keeping records of long-distance riding, which has also caught the attention of leaders in the Arab world. Hopkins thus becomes the first American to participate in a unique competition, the Ocean of Fire.

According to sources, it is not a real competition, but you can find the most important horse racing events in the world to bet on. In the Ocean of Fire, riders roam the desert for days, which surrounds them like an ocean. However, without knowing, Hopkins gets more than he has bargained for. The stakes are high, the prize is a small fortune, and he gets to know the holiest secrets of ancient horse breeding and finds a woman. However, together, Hidalgo and Hopkins overcome all obstacles, whether thirst, revenge, or just a couple of hungry predators.

Best Horse Racing Movies

The story of Hidalgo – The Ocean of Fire doesn’t include significant plot twists. However, that doesn’t take away from the exciting scenes. Moreover, the constant competition and the running horses dictate a tense pace. Although these mustangs are a beautiful sight, the choice of the breed is debatable, however, it does not take away from the experience. 

Viggo Mortensen proved to be a great choice, skillfully playing the semi-alcoholic cowboy who still manages to man up for the last big trip for a good goal. There are action, adventure, and emotional scenes while the whole movie draws you in. You will believe that the horse and rider become a team, which is no wonder since, at the end of the set, Mortensen bought Hidalgo, according to 22Bet.

Seabiscuit – Based on a True Story

Among the best horse racing movies, there is a story about three men, each looking for something. Red, Tobey Maguire, is left by his family due to external, heartbreaking factors and is left alone with a talent that seems useless. Charles, Jeff Bridges, the wise, loving, and wealthy man, struggles with the grief of his son’s death and failed marriage but seems to be lost for a while. 

Tom, Chris Cooper, is a pet-loving outsider, who sleeps outside under the stars. He may not even know what he’s looking for but realizes it when he finds it. Finally, we meet the horse, full of rage, pent-up aggression, and anger. It is not the horse that brings them together, but he is the reason why their attachment to each other develops. We can see an apparent parallel between the horse and his jockey when they are both fighting their bullies at the same time, and something is enchanting in that scene.

Due to the respect and love for the horse and the three characters and Gary Ross’s impressive narration, there is no boring moment in the movie, which guarantee a great experience. This movie is full of the spirit of competition, history, excitement, friendship, and respect. If these horse racing movies have piqued your interest, check out our article about horse racing betting guide!

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