Best Jackpot Winner in 2019: Twice in a Row at Energy Casino

  • Same man played the same slot at the same site
  • Hit the jackpot twice in a row
Best Jackpot Winner in 2019 Energy Casino
I guess we all should play Multifruit 81 from now on…

Energy Casino’s lucky player is probably the best jackpot winner in 2019 upon hitting the jackpot twice on the same slot within only two weeks.

Not so long ago, we have collected the best jackpot slot in 2019. The intention of that article was to make you believe that winning huge amounts of money by hitting the biggest slot jackpots was in fact possible. Now we have proof how possible that is, as Energy Casino sent out an official announcement. They congratulated their best jackpot winner in 2019 so far.

The lucky winner won GBP 60,000 on 2 February

Online casino sites in the UK are always happy when they get to announce a jackpot winner. However, this is by far the best jackpot winner in 2019, without a doubt: the British gambler was playing Play’n Go’s Multifruit 81 slot at half past 3 in the morning. He was spinning an average of GBP 100 per spin, which can be a pretty expensive investment – but it paid off! He won GBP 60,000 2 weeks ago.

The lucky winner hit the jackpot again on Valentine’s Day

GBP 60,000 is a nice sum, but it surely would not have been the best jackpot winner in 2019. However, the same person at the same casino was playing the same slot – but his prize was not the same. On Valentine’s Day, if love didn’t, luck definitely did find him. The gambler won an incredible GBP 289,000 and became an instant hit at all online casino news sites in the UK!

Are you planning to start playing jackpot slot at the site? Make sure you start by reading the latest review about Energy Casino!

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