Best LOL Players in 2022 – The Most Dangerous Players of 2021


Posted: December 28, 2021

Updated: December 28, 2021

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League of Legends is the most famous esport. With the beginning of the Demacia Cup, let’s check out which players were performing the best in 2021. The rosters are all set for the winter season. But what can we expect from these players? Are they going to perform as well as they did so far, or are they going to fall out of the list? Online sportsbook sites in the US are having a strong interest in esports and League of Legends. Let’s discover the best players to place your bets on. And let’s review the best LOL players in 2022.

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EDG Scout – The Best LOL Players in 2022

Considered to be one of the best LOL players in 2022. EDG Scout was the MVP of League of Legends World Championship 2021. With him carrying the match that won the team the World Champion title, it is undeniable that EDG Scout is facing a lot of expectations in the next year. EDward Gaming is not planning to retire into comfort. They are already competing for their way up towards the next World Championship. And the other teams have much to fear when facing the mid laner of EDward Gaming. 

DWG ShowMaker

A legendary player who improved better than expected is DWG ShowMaker. He is the strongest of the trio of best mid laners. His overall performance surpasses EDG Scout and T1 Faker. While in the current state of the game, it seems that all of the best players are considered to be mid laners. It is no wonder why. According to Invenglobal, DWG ShowMaker was the best performing mid laner of 2021.

His nearly unmatched 14.2 KDA makes it easy to believe that he is a worthy competitor for Faker’s title. Many different mediums are arguing that he is only the second-best. Because DWG ShowMaker is one of the best LOL Players in 2022.

EDG Viper

A black sheep on the list. As EDG Viper has joined EDward Gaming as their second carry. With Scout being the main carry of the team, EDG became two times stronger with the addition of Park Do-Hyeon, alias Viper. He is currently the best ADC in the whole world. And with his skill combined with EDG Scout, the team has nothing to fear. The current World Champions are going to be the most feared teams of 2022. And it is not unlikely that we are witnessing the creation of another Dynasty. Will EDG be the best LOL player in 2022? Will there be an EDG Dynasty?

LNG Doinb

According to the discussion of League on Locks, their pick as the best player of 2021 is the former mid-laner of FunPlus Phoenix. This year he left FunPlus Phoenix and joined LNG Esports. When searching for the best LOL players in 2022, you should keep an eye out on Doinb’s matches.

Because with him joining his new team, there are many possibilities he could unlock. If his new team is fitting him, then there is no question that in 2022, Doinb is going to be competing with ShowMaker once again. Because according to Dotesports, he is behind DWG’s mid laner.

T1 Faker

Lee Sang-hyeok is the mid laner of T1. Better known as Faker, the best league of legends player of all time. His performance and image were unhindered during 2021. Even if the SKT Dynasty is long over, Faker never fails to surprise the community with his exceptional talent. Considered to be the best LOL player of all time. In the 2021 World Championship, T1 received third place after EDD and DWG. While being one of the most dangerous opponents to play against. It is the truth that the team is falling behind other players. For this Faker is more of an honorary mention. Because if T1 is not improving on their plays, they are not going to allow Faker to shine through the competition.

The Best LOL Players in 2022

To conclude the best LOL players in 2022. We must highlight EDward Gaming. The world champions are going to run for the title again. And currently, their team possesses EDG Viper and EDG Scout. These two carriers are a huge advantage. The only way the other teams could compete against them is if they were to adopt another giant ADC into their teams. Because of how closely equal these mentioned mid laners are, the competition in 2022 might begin to revolve around ADC-s. Which ADC will lead their teams to victory next year? You can place bets on Bovada Sportsbook.

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