Basic Cricket Rules for Beginners


Posted: December 28, 2021

Updated: December 28, 2021

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Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. The sport enjoys more than 1.5 billion followers. No wonder why online sportsbook sites in the US are opening possibilities for people to place bets on cricket. It is a refreshing sport with a slow pace, which is easy to follow. If you find it hard to follow other fast-paced championships, then cricket is the game for you!

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Basic Cricket Rules For Beginners

Two teams are playing against each other. Each of these teams has eleven players. They are playing in an oval-shaped arena, covered in soft surfaces, usually grass. There are usually four innings. The inning is deciding whether the teams are playing offense or defense, and these are kept switching. At the start of the match, the captains are deciding which team is in which position by performing a coin toss. There are two batsmen and four bowlers. The rest of the team are field players, with the bowlers and batsman changed up after the respective inning.

The Tools of Cricket

According to Howtheyplay, The two main tools of playing cricket are the cricket bat and the cricket ball. With the ball being 160g. The leather ball is heavier than a simple tennis ball, however in amateur cricket tennis ball is often used to replace the original cricket ball.

Basic Cricket Rules for Beginners
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

The bat itself is weighing on the impact point. The majority of the bat’s size consists of the handle. There is a required and must-have protective gear a player must wear. These protective gears are the following: helmet, knee guards, and gloves.

The Play Structure – Basic Cricket Rules For Beginners

The game starts with one team batting and one team throwing. All of the players are scattered around the field based on different strategical setups. Except for two players from each team. The batsman and the goal keeper/bowler. Those players are going to be constantly throwing and batting. Each time a batsman is caught, they are going to be replaced. Because if all of the players have rotated out, the two teams are going to switch fields.

Basic Cricket Rules for Beginners
Picture Source: Pixabay

The winner of the game is the team who receives the most “runs”. The main objective of the game is to make the ball reach the guarded goal, which is an easy-to-destroy structure. The batsmen are trying to bat as far away as they can, so their team can pick points up.

The Length Of The Game And Game Modes

When speaking of basic cricket rules for beginners, we must also cover the length of a match. A match can last up to five days in the original game mode. However, there are more famous modes. According to, the most famous and favored play mode is Twenty20. Because this game mode is a faster and easier ruleset of the original cricket game. Thanks to this modernized mode, the matches can be played for a maximum of four hours. And this fast-paced competition is what earned cricket the popularity it enjoys today.

Placing Bets On Cricket

You can place bets on cricket anytime and anywhere nowadays. Due to the increased popularity of online sportsbook sites. You can place bets on cricket at any time on any device. You can also re-watch matches or follow them on live stream and broadcast on their respective platforms and channels. If you wish to bet on cricket, then you can do it at Bovada Sportsbook.

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