Monopoly Gambling Strategy 2022


Posted: December 29, 2021

Updated: December 29, 2021

  • Playing Monopoly for real money may seem a little odd at first
  • How can you increase your chances of winning this game?
  • In this article, you will learn more about the monopoly gambling strategy

Playing Monopoly for real money may seem a little odd at first, but if you think about it, the game has a lot of potential. The original idea for this game was born in 1903 when Elizabeth Magic created The Landlord’s Game. Later, in 1935, Charles Darrow copied this idea and reworked the rules. The game was called “Monopoly” and immediately became a hit. Today, some consider it a way of gambling. But how can you increase your chances of winning this game? In this article, you will learn more about the monopoly gambling strategy. 

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Monopoly For Real Money

Although the game itself is well known to almost everyone, Monopoly for real money has recently become a popular alternative to gambling. Besides, there are several ways to play it. You can use fake Monopoly money as tokens. For example, the 100 Monopoly banknote can be redeemed for £ 10, and other tickets can also be redeemed at a specific exchange rate. Of course, one person must be in charge of the bank. Meanwhile, at the end of the game, the players cash out their remaining banknotes. Another way to play Real Money Monopoly is to exchange fake banknotes for real money. That is exactly what Hasbro has done on its 80th birthday, offering a limited number of special editions of the board game worth over £ 18,000 in paper currency. 

As you may already know, Hasbro is the largest toy company in the United States with well-known brands and products like Monopoly. For the 80th anniversary of the game, the company has released 80 boxes containing over £ 18,000 in real money instead of counterfeit money. These limited editions were hidden among 30,000 other boxes. So every time a fan buys a variant of the game, they have a chance of their luck. Of course, you can still use the 80th Anniversary Edition to play Monopoly for real money. Please be aware that this promotion was only available in France. The last real way to enjoy the real money monopoly game is by logging into online casinos like those found on our top online casino sites in the UK. These sites have a Live Casino section where Where To Play Monopoly For Real Cash

Monopoly Gambling Strategy: Where to Start?

Monopoly is jokingly referred to as “the game where friends and family go bankrupt.” However, when you add real money to the board, everything changes. It transforms the game into an emotional journey with real bets just like any other gambling game in a casino or otherwise.

Monopoly Gambling Strategy

Picture Source: PixabayIf you don’t have anyone to play Monopoly for real money, don’t worry. You can find this excellent version of the game on the most reputable online casino sites in the UK. Although playing Monopoly online is very different from the tabletop, you will still have a lot of fun. When you join the game lobby, you will be taken to an online room with many other players from all over the world. There will be a dealership that will entertain everyone and spin the Ferris wheel where different sectors can land. Indeed, each sector represents one of the Monopoly banknotes, as well as additional bonuses assigned to them. You place your bets on who you think will land and the wheel spins.

If you manage to get through to one of the bonus rounds or toss, you will see the original layout of the game on the table. Depending on the bonus sector you landed in, you will have 2 or 4 rolls to make and move around on the ground. Each crate in which the original game allows you to buy real estate and place buildings has a multiplier. You can also land in the Chance or Community Chest boxes for additional rewards. If you like the idea. We are confident that you will enjoy the game, and if you are an avid gamer, you will love the variety of casino games available from the operators we mentioned.

Winning Tips

Indeed, the rules of the game are quite simple. Nevertheless, to win it, one must initially clearly understand the economic logic of the events taking place and the monopoly gambling strategy. And the economic logic of the current events is that the establishment of a monopoly leads to higher rent. By buying one asset, for example, one street from an entire block, you receive only a very small payment from the players for the passage through your territory.

Monopoly Gambling Strategy
Picture Source: Pixabay

Having bought out an entire street, you immediately double the rent and get the opportunity, by investing additional money, to increase the rent by building houses and hotels on them. Accordingly, your task at the very beginning of the game is to determine which side of the square you are concentrating on to acquire property.

The first side of the square, where the cheapest assets are presented,  cannot be redeemed from the first pass of the players. If only because it is impossible to get to the first game cell by throwing 2 dice at the same time. Those you can buy out the first monopoly, the first game quarter, when the players pass at least the first game circle. In general, it is impossible to buy out any street from the first aisle. Besides, this is specially laid down by the field of play. When you roll the dice, you move at least 2 spaces. This means that it is impossible to buy an entire street in one aisle because neighboring streets and assets are located in the same cell from each other. In the best case, you will be able to redeem 2 cards out of 3 of one asset.

Best Monopoly Gambling Strategy 

These are 5 rules by applying which, you will see other players go bankrupt:

Monopoly Gambling Strategy
Picture Source: Pixabay
  1. Buy closer to the beginning: Players spend most of their time on the first and second lanes. Therefore, here it is necessary to buy property as much as possible. Applying this rule alone, one will win more often. However, this only works if other players have not played Monopoly. For the experienced, all the rules must be applied.
  2. More railways, fewer utilities: Never buy a communal apartment at full price. Better not buy at all! What is worth focusing on is the railways. If you own all 4, then this is 50% of the winnings.
  3. Agree: It may be that you have 2 green properties. And then the player wants to buy the last such property. That is, you will miss 1 property to be a monopolist. Here you should agree with the player. For successful negotiations, use the win-win technique. Indeed, here every player benefits from such a deal.
  4. Never use dirty tricks: Remember this is a game. However, using dirty tricks will make it harder to communicate with you after the game. And the administration of a reliable casino can ban you from gambling.
  5. Ownership not in a group is a failure: Single ownership is not a great investment. When buying your first property of a certain color, think a few steps ahead and buy more of the same color. However, there is an exception: you can buy a single property to prevent another player from being a monopolist + this is a reason for negotiations. After all, another player can do the same. Learn more about the Monopoly Winning Strategies before visiting the Bet365 Casino.

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