Best New Shows On Netflix In December – A New Star Wars?


Posted: November 28, 2023

Updated: November 28, 2023

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We have collected a list of the best new shows on Netflix in December. Or shows that might be new for you potentially. In conclusion, we are going to give you several different shows from different genres to watch in the upcoming month. Sometimes bored with the family during the holidays? Well, just turn on Netflix and enjoy your time between the activities and food!

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Today we are going to talk about the best new shows on Netflix in December. This means that there are countless amounts of new shows coming up on Netflix right now. And we are extremely excited, as Netflix has learned from the strikes. Thus, they decided to feature iconic shows that resemble the same Christmas era as the previous years. We had gigantic successes so far, and the best is yet to come!

Join us as we are going to discover all the shows that are coming, new series, and of course, the old shows you should begin to watch before they announce the new season! And if you wish to bet on all of these? Register at the online sportsbook sites in the US.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Best New Shows On Netflix In December

Let us begin with one of the greatest news stories of the century. Well, for me at least. While I am not an anime person, Yu Yu Hakusho is my personal, absolute favorite. For me, this is the best piece of Eastern art ever created. And we are glad to announce that the live-action movie is coming in the next month. Please, do not judge Live Action from the early attempts with Death Note.

Rather, take inspiration from the most recent installment of the One Piece live-action series. These attempts will lead to a Netflix stock increase before 2024. – Yu Yu Hakusho is about a boy who is considered to be a bad influence. Unexpectedly, he sacrifices himself to save a kid, and the other world gives him a chance for resurrection, by becoming the detective of the spirit world. Register at Bovada to bet on these shows!

Squid Game The Challenge

A classic among the best new shows on Netflix in December. Did you like the Squid Game? At the edge of your seat while waiting for the second season? Don’t worry! Because this hit show has managed to make a return to popularity. While Mr. Beast was faster than the studio, it seems that they managed to make a live Squid Game challenge. No, this is not a live-action movie. This is a competition show, which seeks to mirror Squid Game as much as legally possible.

Instead of shooting people, they are just using a bubble mechanism that makes it seem like the competitors are bleeding. The show reflects on how real humans would behave in this setting. And honestly? Very similarly. According to GSPlus, the players are seeking a lawsuit for compensation for the rough environment of the show.

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Rebel Moon – Best New Shows On Netflix In December

This one is for the Star Wars fans! We are just sitting here wondering: Is this the new Star Wars? Rebel Moon was originally meant to be one of the Star Wars opera installments. However, Disney has decided to cancel and reject the idea. However, the writer did not wish to sacrifice his work.

Therefore, he quickly re-wrote the world’s lore, inventing an amazing world that fixes many of Star Wars’s inconsistencies and open-ended questions coming from the old lore. This is a clean, easy-to-understand world, and everything that used to be Star Wars is now reshaped into its original title. Netflix has taken on the opportunity and purchased it. And for me? Well, I am more excited about this than any Star Wars release now.

Avatar The Last Airbender – Live-Action

This is going to be one of the best new shows on Netflix in December! Netflix is here to make up for the mistakes of the past made by a different studio 10 years ago. This Is going to be one of the most phenomenal shows and pieces of live-action. In a world where people can control elements (Fire, Wind, Earth, Water), the Avatar is the chosen one who can bend all elements. 

His mission is to bring peace to the world and unite all nations by mastering the elements, and by defeating the Emperor of the Fire Kingdom. They are going to use state-of-the-art animation technology, which we were able to see during the One Piece live-action. If you are interested in Gambling on Netflix, then please take a look at our other list!

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1670 – Best New Shows On Netflix In December

This is something new on the list. 1670 is a medieval comedy. It shows the life of a nobleman who seeks to become the richest person in Poland during the 1670s. This show shows the life of Poland and seeks to paint an interesting, comical light on the mentality of the past. According to IMDb, the show features how a nobleman is clashing with peasants in the mission of becoming one of the most famous people in Poland.

The show is amazing, and if you are a history nerd then you shouldn’t miss out on it. What makes the show amazing is that it mixes the general comedic trope with a historically accurate scope. Through this, we can feel as though we are watching a comedy from the past of Poland. The same lands that created The Witcher series.

Best Time To Start Watching Kakegurui 

The best new shows on Netflix in December do not have to be new. If you haven’t watched Kakegurui before, then this is your time. If you are browsing the internet, several live-action movies are accessible. Furthermore, Kakegurui season 1 is also available on Crunchyroll. But what makes this show amazing is that Kakegurui XX and Kakegurui Twins are available on Netflix.

And if you haven’t before, you should start watching it. You do not have to watch any of the shows to understand the next. The concept is simple: We can peer into the world of the elite in a system where gambling dictates the social hierarchy. According to the Sportskeeda, there are rumors of a third season coming. – And to gamble like the gambling girls? Register at Bovada!

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