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Posted: January 19, 2023

Updated: January 19, 2023

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  • Gambling on Netflix in 2023

If you enjoy playing at online gambling sites in the US. Then you probably want to see gambling media as well. This is why we are updating you about gambling on Netflix in 2023. Keep in mind that this year, it seems that the eastern culture is more interested in gambling. Because it is perhaps still a discovery for some regions. Furthermore, watching gambling shows is always interesting.

Because the possibility of random outcomes can give a great thrill on top of the story and the action. In conclusion, we are going to introduce you to the newest shows and movies you should watch on Netflix. Furthermore, we are going to explain how to play online gambling. However, if you want to bet? We got good news. Because you can also bet on Netflix series.

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Alice In Borderland – Gambling On Netflix In 2023

Let’s start with one of the best shows coming from the Asian gambling culture. Therefore, Alice In Borderland is probably one of the most underrated series ever. The show is live-action, however, it is based on a psychological manga. The reason why this show is interesting is that it shows all layers of entertainment media. Therefore, we are seeing gambling elements, Squid Game level competition for life.

Furthermore, every episode comes with a deep twist and all characters have meaning. What makes this show extremely surprising is the fact that it is extremely LGBTQ-friendly. And the ending? You will be surprised. The characters and challenges in this show are connected to poker cards. The first to collect all poker cards will be able to return home from a world of endless challenges. We highly recommend it as one of the best shows about gambling on Netflix in 2023.

Squid Game – Season 2 Is Coming

Similar to Alice in Borderland, Squid Game is another show that seeks to thrive upon the thrill of challenges. However, we all know that Squid Game involves a lot of gambling. Therefore, the first season started with horse racing.

It is no longer a spoiler, that Squid Game shows a world where humans treat each other as if they were horses to bet on. Season 2 is going to follow the same narrative.

According to Digitalspy, the main character will return. Furthermore, the businessman who inducted him as a player might return as well. Therefore, Squid Game Season 2 is going to be one of the best media about gambling on Netflix in 2023.

Kakegurui Twins – Gambling On Netflix In 2023

If you are a fan of anime, then this is the best show about gambling on Netflix in 2023. Because the Kakegurui Twins are going away from everyone favorite’s gambling maniac, Yumeko. Instead, this series is offering you a new light on the Kakegurui universe. This season focuses less on fan service and following the manga. Instead, this time they wish to show the true nature of gambling and the psychology behind it.

It is a light-hearted anime. However, if you are a gambler who enjoys the Asian Gambling Culture. Then probably this is one of the best manga, anime, and even live-action movies for you. Because if you are not fond of animated shows, then you can watch a live-action movie anytime as well.

The Lost Lotteries

The Decider is about a group of strangers who must fight to receive their lost lottery tickets. This is going to inspire everyone who likes to purchase tickets as well. Therefore, this is one of our top recommendations when it comes to gambling on Netflix in 2023.

Similarly to Alice in Borderland, this movie comes from eastern culture as well. However, this story brings us to Thailand. The show is extremely family-friendly.

The only adult jokes are about some breast surgery. However, we must highlight that the chase for gambling tickets soon turns into a heist scene with badass conversations. Therefore, the show will make the characters work for what they have won. If you are interested in buying lottery tickets as well. Then we recommend you register at The Lotter.

Bad Sport – Gambling On Netflix In 2023

Bad sport is a series that could also be one of the best Netflix sports documentaries. Therefore, it is similar in style to the hit show about Jeffree Dahmer. However, Bad Sport seeks to introduce the world of scandals and match-fixing. In conclusion, we have this show as one of the best examples of behind-the-scenes revelations.

Because it shows how sports can be much different in the light of reality. We all love to see the glamor behind the event. However, when the players enter the dark halls and meet match-fixers. The sport is no longer a game or a competition. Instead, it becomes a game of poker to hide the act of cheating and match-fixing.

Hurts Like Hell – Something Different

If you are interested in something else, then we recommend you to watch this show. Therefore, gambling on Netflix in 2023 is not always about poker tables. Instead, Hurts Like Hell introduces the world of martial arts, especially Muay Thai. The show involves sportsbook betting and the pressure that comes with it for a young athlete.

In the show, we can follow the career of a young fighter. However, we understand if you are here for poker. For that, we recommend you check our list of the best gambling movies on Netflix. Nonetheless, we recommend Hurts Like Hell to everyone who loves Muay Thai and wants to see the reality behind the sport. 

LIFE is Coming To Netflix

To give you a conclusion about gambling on Netflix in 2023. Let’s give you an upcoming classic. Therefore, Netflix is not always making new shows. Sometimes, they purchase titles. According to Netflix TUDUM, LIFE will be available on Netflix from 2023. The story is about a man stealing the pocket of a high stake gambler.

Therefore, this is a story that will revolve around a legendary duo, seeing their highs at the poker table. However, it will also lead to their lows inside of prison. However, if you just wish to play some games, then we recommend you to register at The Lotter. Furthermore, register at BOVADA Sportsbook to be able to bet on Netflix series.

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