Discover the Best Odds on Inter vs Dortmund 2019 UCL Derby

  • A tie is the most likely option
  • Both Inter and Dortmund could score
Best Odds on Inter vs Dortmund 2019 San Siro UEFA Champions League
The Italians have the home advantage. Image source: Oscar / Flickr

UEFA Champions League fans will see several tough competitions on the 3rd matchday of the Group stage. Besides Slavia Prague playing against Barcelona, another pair from Group F will have a match on October 23. Discover the best odds on Inter vs Dortmund, which will certainly surprise you.

The full standings of Group F look like this:

  • Dortmund – 4 pt
  • Barcelona – 4 pt
  • Slavia Prague – 1 pt
  • Inter – 1 pt

Borussia Dortmund leads the standings with the same number of points as Barcelona, however, Germans outrun them by one goal difference. The same situation is observed in a Czech-Italian pair, where Slavia Prague is a step ahead thanks to skipping fewer goals than Inter.

All in all, both matches will be of special interest. Before turning to the odds on Inter vs Dortmund, you can learn more about our Slavia Prague vs Barcelona betting predictions.

2020 Champions League betting odds:

Odds on Inter vs Dortmund: who are the favourites?

Despite topping the Group F standings, Borussia Dortmund doesn’t have the best odds for the upcoming match. It is Inter Milan who is more likely to win, following 2.37 odds at online gambling sites in Germany. The Italian football club currently occupies the last position in the standings but the numbers speak for themselves.

Best Odds on Inter vs Dortmund 2019 San Siro UEFA Champions League
Inter fans won’t welcome the Germans warmly… Image source: Sotutto / Wikimedia Commons

Borussia Dortmund doesn’t fall far behind, however. The Germans have 2.87 odds on their victory. If so, the club will continue its successful series of ties and victories. As the last four matches of Dortmund ended with a draw, another good option is to bet on an equal score in the match against Inter. Considering that both teams have close-to-equal chances to win, betting on a tie with its 3.40 odds is quite reasonable.

Inter vs Dortmund: bet on the total score to be a tie

Whereas odds on Inter vs Dortmund show the possible tie, predictions on the correct total score come in handy. Online sportsbooks in Germany show that the match between two rivals would end with a 1:1 score (6.50). Another possible option is a 2:2 tie, which is likely to take place grounding on a 12.00 odds.

If you still believe that the Champions League match shouldn’t end with a draw, you can choose the favorite to win. According to sportsbook analysts, the most beneficial option is betting on Inter to take a slim victory (9.50).

After revealing the most attractive betting predictions, you can read our review about Bet365 Sportsbook to finalize your choice.

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