Best Players in the History of Real Madrid – Part 3, Central Defenders

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The latest episode of our series aims to introduce the best central defenders to our readers.

The Royal Club is mostly known for their great strikers and attractive style of football. However, defensive players are at least as important for a team’s success as the attackers and strikers – mobile betting players will agree with us for sure!

We have already introduced the best goalkeepers and the best wing back sin the history of Real Madrid in the previous 2 episodes of our series. Our intention was to present the best central defenders in the honourable history of the well-known football club.

José Santamaría was key part in the success of the 1950s

José Santamaría was a Uruguayan central defender who has joined Real Madrid in 1957. He also retired from Los Merengues, having played 9 seasons and wearing the White shirt in 227 league games throughout his amazing career. He was even called up to play for the Spanish national team so he is one of the few players who have played for two national teams during their career.

The Uruguayan centre back is regarded as one of the best of all time in his position. He was key member in Real Madrid’s success during his era as he won the European Cup 4 times and they also triumphed the La Liga 6 times in addition to their one Copa del Rey victory. Santamaría is a true Real Madrid legend for ever.

Manuel Sanchís spent his entire life at the Royal Club

Manuel Sanchís has played for Real Madrid Castilla, in 1983-84 and has joined the senior squad as early as the next season. He was member of the famous “Quinta del Buitre” which was the nickname of the 5 amazing home-grown players of the capital side (Sanchís, Vázquez, Míchel, Pardeza and Butragueno) who helped Real Madrid to dominate Spain.

• José Santamaría won 4 Champions Leagues
• Hierro scored tons of goals
• Ramos is ready to become legend

Sanchís has spent 18 seasons at Los Blancos and he retired in 2001, after wearing the White shirt in 523 league games and scoring 23 goals. Sanchís has won the Champions League twice, but we can find 2 UEFA Cups and 8 La Ligas in his vitrine. Sanchís has spent his entire life serving the Royal Club and he still represents his former employer in charity games from time to time.

Fernando Hierro scored as many goals that even strikers could envy him

Hierro shoots
Fernando Ruiz Hierro has started his senior career at Valladolid and joined the Royal Clun in 1989. The central defender has retired in 2005 but has returned to his beloved football club since then: He is, at the moment, the assistant of Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid. Spainsh gambling news report that his main job is to organize the defensive roles of the players of the Merengues.

Hierro has left Real Madrid in 2003. He has become the captain of the team as he was member throughout 14 seasons, making 439 league appearances. Online betting enthusiasts also liked him because even though he was a central defender, he scored 102 goals for Galacticos. In addition, he won the Champions League 3, and the La Liga 5 times, just to mention a few of his great victories at Merengues.

Sergio Ramos, the hero of “La Décima”

Sergio Ramos has joined Los Blancos in 2005 and has been named as vice-captain since then. He left Sevilla for the Royal Club and he is kind of similar to Fernando Hierro, he is very good at scoring goals, in addition, he is very good at scoring incredibly important goals – Ramos helped Real Madrid defeat Bayern by 0-4 at Allianz Arena in the Champions League semi-finals in 2014, and he equalized against Atletico de Madrid in the final.

online gambling sites in Spain report that Sergio Ramos has won everything in his incredible career. He has been member of the Spanish national team which won the EURO 2008 and 2012 and the World Cup in 2012. He also won the Spanish League with Real Madrid in 2007, 2008 and 2012 in addition to the Copa del Rey in 2011 and 2014. All this, and he is still only 29 years old. There is a lot more in his career at Merengues.

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